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King of the Ring (2001) Matches[edit | edit source]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Matt Borske defeated Jared Hunt King of the Ring Semi-Finals Match
2 Chris Gomez defeated Peter Damrow King of the Ring Semi-Finals Match
3 Chris Gomez defeated Matt Borske King of the Ring Final Match

Tournament Brackets[edit | edit source]

The tournament took place between June 4 and June 24, 2001. The tournament brackets were:

First Round
Matt Borske Pin
Steven Murnion 6:21
Matt Borske Sub
Josh Hooper 4:49
Josh Hooper Pin
Matt Hooper 5:57
Matt Borske Pin
Jared Hunt 8:17
Jared Hunt Pin
Chris LeGreca 2:14
Jared Hunt Pin
Big Marc 2:19
The Big Marc Pin
Russell Dalton 1:35
Kurt Angle 10:21
Edge Pin
Chris Gomez Pin
Andrew Sekora 10:22
Edge Pin
Perry Saturn 5:09
Mike Blackman Pin
Perry 7:45
Chris Gomez Pin
Peter Damrow 8:52
Crash Pin
Park 4:48
Park Pin
Peter Damrow 7:52
Peter Damrow Pin
Tazz 3:20
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