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King of the Ring (2000) Promotional Poster

King of the Ring Matches[]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Ricki defeated Kevin Hunter King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match
2 Sean defeated Brian McAlmond King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match
3 Crash defeated Bull King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match
4 Matt Borske defeated Kris McGowan King of the Ring Quarter-Final Match
5 Ricki defeated Sean King of the Ring Semi-Final match
6 Matt Borske defeated Crash King of the Ring Semi-Final match
7 Matt Borske defeated Ricki King of the Ring Final Match

Tournament Brackets[]

Tournament brackets[]

The tournament took place between May 29 and June 25, 2000.

First round
Second round
Matt Borske Pin
John Goff 2:48
Matt Borske Pin
Scott 4:42
Scott Pin
Big BossBrandon 3:26
Matt Borske Pin
Kris McGowan 9:50
Kris McGowan Pin
Andrew Sekora 4:15
Kris McGowan Sub
Chris Gomez 5:30
Chris Gomez Pin
Grand Master Stehr 5:12
Matt Borske Pin
Crash 3:58
Crash Pin
Nic 1:26
Crash DQ
Steven Murnion 4:17
Steven Murnion Pin
Ron 3:04
Crash Pin
Bull 4:07
Bull Pin
Jack Blackman 3:22
Bull Pin
Perry 2:03
Perry Pin
Harlan 4:43
Matt Borske Pin
Ricki 5:56
Ricki DQ
Shane Bayer 2:35
Ricki Pin
Scotty 2:53
Scotty Pin
D'Low 3:38
Ricki DQ
Kevin Hunter 3:25
Kevin Hunter Pin
James Burdick 1:43
Kevin Hunter Sub
Brian Tobol 4:53
Brian Tobol Pin
Dean Barnhart 2:01
Rikishi Pin
Val Venis 3:15
Sean Pin
Al Boredom 4:31
Sean Pin
Josh Hooper 3:56
Josh Hooper Pin
Jared Hunt 1:59
Sean Pin
Brian McAlmond 8:04
Brian McAlmond Pin
Matt Hooper 4:11
Brian McAlmond Pin
Glennda McAlmond 2:25
Glennda McAlmond Pin
Godfather Will 1:44