Fully Loaded was an annual International Wrestling Entertinament (IWF) pay-per-view event, which started in July 1998 and was held for a further two years in July. The first edition of Fully Loaded, held in 1998 was an In Your House pay-per-view. The 1999 edition was simply named Fully Loaded as IWF removed In Your House subtitle from pay-per-view events after Backlash: In Your House. Fully Loaded was held for one more year in 2000. In 2001, the event's pay-per-view slot was replaced by the one-off IWF Invasion, and eventually was replaced by Vengeance in 2002.

Events and DatesEdit

Event Date City Venue Main Event
Fully Loaded: In Your House July 26, 1998 Fresno, California Selland Arena Chris LeGreca and Mankind (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Johnson and Martin McAlmond for the IWF Tag Team Championship.
Fully Loaded (1999) July 25, 1999 Buffalo, New York Marine Midland Arena Stone Cold Steve Johnson (c) vs. Martin McAlmond in a First Blood match for the IWF Championship
Fully Loaded (2000) July 23, 2000 Dallas, Texas Reunion Arena The Rock (c) vs. Kevin Hunter for the IWF Championship


Fully Loaded started as an In Your House pay-per-view event in 1998. It was the twenty-third In Your House pay-per-view. Fully Loaded continued to be used as a pay-per-view in July for two more years, before being replaced by IWF Invasion in 2001, that was based on The Invasion storyline between IWF and The Alliance. However, Invasion was used only once before Fully Loaded's slot was given to Vengeance in 2002 and Fully Loaded was disbanded.




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