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IWE Women's Championship[]

IWE Women's Championship

Current Title Holder

Unified with Divas Title

Date won

May 11, 2010 (aired May 14, 2010)


International Wrestling Entertainment

Date established

September 18, 1956

The Women's Championship was designed in 1983 when The Faboulas Glennda become the first Women's Champion after defeating Judy McAlmond to become the first ever Women's Championship. The Women's Championship has changed hands for Fifty-Nine times the current Championship is Angela Lee when her and Amanda Johnson defeated Chandra Denney in a Tornado Tag Team Match to have her first regin as Women's Champion. How many more Women's Championship will there be in IWE!!

The Women's Championship was made for the Women to fight for while the IWE Championship for the men. The current Women's Championship is being held by Angela Lee who "says" she is a Co-Champion with friend, Amanda Johnson who has been Women's Champion before. The IWE wants the two women to choose who will be holding the Women's Championship and who will be the true IWE Women's Champion. On the August 6th, 2010 Episode of Friday Night Fusion, IWE will only have ONE IWE Women's Champion.

IWE SummerSlam Pay Per Views[]

# Wrestler Reigns Date Days Held Location Event Notes
56 Brenah McAlmond 5 January 31, 2010 23 Atlanta, GA IWE Royal Rumble (2010) Defeated Amanda Johnson to become the Women's Champion for a fifth time in her career
57 Amanda Johnson 2 February 23, 2010 61 Milwaukee, WI IWE Fusion
58 Chandra Denney 3 April 25, 2010 16 Baltimore, MD IWE Extreme Rules (2010) Defeated Amanda Johnson at Extreme Rules in a Extreme Makeover Match
59 Victoria Lehr 1 May 11, 2010 87+ Buffalo, NY IWE Fusion Defeated Chandra Denney in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match with Amanda Johnson as her partner - 60 Title Unified
60 - Chicago, Illinois September 19, 2010 - Chicago, Illinois Night of Champions (2010) This match was for both the Women's Championship and Divas Championship; It was a Lumberjill Match to Unify both Titles.