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Unforgiven (2006)

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/b9/Unforgiven06.jpg/200px-Unforgiven06.jpg Promotional poster featuring Dustin Simpson

Theme song(s) "Run" (Day of Fire)
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Meltdown
Date September 17, 2006
Attendance 16,105
Venue Air Canada Centre
City Toronto, Ontaria
Pay-per-view chronology
SummerSlam (2006) Unforgiven (2006) No Mercy (2006)
Unforgiven chronology
Unforgiven (2005) Unforgiven (2006) Unforgiven (2007)

Unforgiven (2006) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE), which took place on September 17, 2006 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. It was the eighth annual Unforgiven event. The show's seven matches showcased prominent WWE wrestlers, who acted out the franchise's stories in and out of the ring. The event starred talent from the Meltdown Brand.

The main event was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the IWE Championship between Chris Gomez and Dustin Simpson, which Simpson won after retrieving the belt suspended above the ring. One of the predominant matches on the card was D-Generation X (Triple K and Ryan Barnhart) versus The Big Marc, Mr. Bayer and Shane Bayer in a Handicap Match Hell in a Cell Match. Triple K and Barnhart won the match after Triple K pinned Mr. Bayer following a sledgehammer shot to his back. Another primary match on the undercard was Nicole versus Bailey Dalton for the IWE Women's Championship in what was Dalton's final match of her full time wrestling career. Dalton won the match after forcingNicole to submit to the sharpshooter, thus becoming a record setting seven time IWE Women's Champion.

As many of the existing feuds ended following the event, some did not. Notably, Josh Hooper continued to feud with Johnny Linderman, facing off against him for the IWE Intercontinental Championship throughout September. The feud between D-Generation X (DX) and The Bayers ended after the event, as DX began an angle with Edge and Kevin McAlmond. Following his win against Chris Gomez, Simpson began an angle with Kevin Federline, which started the proceeding month at Cyber Sunday and lasted throughout the year.



Preliminary Matches[]

Main Event Matches[]


Unforgiven (2006) Results[]

# Results Stipulations
1 Johnny Linderman (c) (w/ Denise) defeated Josh Hooper Singles Match for the IWE Intercontinental Championship
2 Chris LeGreca fought Keith Coleman to a double countout Singles Match
3 Spirit Squad (Kevin and Mike) (c) defeated The Highlanders (Josh and Robert) Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
4 D-Generation X (Triple K and Ryan Barnhart) defeated Grant Mayer, James Mayer and The Big Marc Handicap Hell in a Cell Match
5 Bailey Dalton defeated Nicole (c) Singles Match for the IWE Women's Championship
6 Kevin McAlmond defeated Michael Ferry Singles Match
7 Dustin Simpson defeated Chris Gomez (c) Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the IWE Championship