Unforgiven (2005)
Promotional poster featuring Dustin Simpson and Matt Borske
Theme song(s) "Calling" by Traproot
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Meltdown
Date September 18, 2005
Attendance 8,000
Venue Ford Center
City Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Pay-per-view chronology
SummerSlam (2005) Unforgiven (2005) No Mercy (2005)
IWE Unforgiven chronology
Unforgiven (2004) Unforgiven (2005) Unforgiven (2006)

Unforgiven (2005)Edit

Unforgiven (2005) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). It was the seventh annual Unforgiven event and took place on September 18, 2005 at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The event featured wrestlers and other talent that performed on the Meltdown program.

The main event was a standard wrestling match, in which Matt Borske defeated IWE Champion Dustin Simpson, after Simpson intentionally disqualfied himself. In IWE, a championship cannot change hands via countout or disqualification, as a result, Simpson retained the title. Two featured bouts on the undercard was another standard match, in which Ryan Barnhart defeated James. The other primary match was a Steel Cage Match, where the ring is enclosed by a steel cage, in which Matt Hooper defeated Chris Gomez.

Unforgiven grossed over $485,000 in ticket sales from an attendance of approximately 8,000, and received about 243,000 pay-per-view buys. This amount was higher than the following year's event. When the event was released on DVD, it reached a peak position of third on Billboard's DVD Sales Chart.



Preliminary MatchesEdit

Main Event MatchesEdit


Unforgiven (2005) ResultsEdit

# Matches Stipulations
Heat Rob defeated Park Singles Match
1 Ric Flair defeated Michael Ferry Singles Match for the IWE Intercontinental Championship
2 Bailey Dalton and Ashleigh defeated Courtney Savoie and Jessica Wilson Tag Team Match
3 The Big Marc defeated Dominic Singles Match
4 Junior Remeriz defeated Kerwin Singles Match
5 Matt Hooper defeated Chris Gomez (w/ Nicole) Steel Cage Match
6 Kevin Judge and Kevin Ward defeated Keith and Jared (c) Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
7 Ryan Barnhart defeated James Singles Match
8 Matt Borske defeated Dustin Simpson (c) by disqualification Singles Match for the IWE Championship
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