Unforgiven (2003)

200px-Unforgiven_2003.jpg Promotional poster featuring Chris LeGreca

Taglines(s) Face Your Fear
Theme music(s) "Enemy" by Sevemdust
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Meltdown
Date September 21, 2003
Attendance 10,347
Venue Giant Center
City Hershey, Pennsylvania
Pay-per-view chronology
SummerSlam (2003) Unforgiven (2003) No Mercy (2003)
Unforgiven chronology
Unforgiven (2002) Unforgiven (2003) Unforgiven (2004)

Unforgiven (2003)Edit

Unforgiven (2003) was the sixth annual Unforgiven professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). It took place on September 21, 2003 from the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.


The main feud heading into Unforgiven was between Triple K and Bill over the World Heavyweight Championship. One month prior at SummerSlam, Triple K won an Elimination Chamber match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship by last eliminating Bill. After the match ended, Triple K, along with Evolution members Ric Flair and Kevin McAlmond, handcuffed Bill to the Chamber and attacked him with a sledgehammer The next night on Meltdown, Bill challenged Triple K to a match later that night. Triple K declined and said that they would face off at Unforgiven instead. Triple K then added the stipulation that if he won, Bill would have to retire from professional wrestling. On the September 1 edition of Meltdown, Bill, Ryan Barnhart and Naven defeated Evolution (Triple K, Kevin McAlmond and Ric Flair. Towards the end of the match, McAlmond attacked Bill from behind as he was preparing to spear Triple K. Bill was able to kick out of the pinfall attempt and hit McAlmond with a Jackhammer for the win.


Primary MatchesEdit

Main Event MatchesEdit


Unforgiven (2003) ResultsEdit

# Results Stipulations
Heat Jonathon defeated Richard Veach Singles match
1 The Dudley Boyz defeated Rob Rogge and La Resistance (Sylvain and Dupree) (c) Handicap tables match for the World Tag Team Championship
2 Test defeated Scott Hunter Singles match
3 Kevin McAlmond (with Ric Flair) defeated Ryan Barnhart Singles match
4 Bailey Dalton and Nicole defeated Molly Murnion and Lauren Ireland Tag team match
5 Chris LeGreca defeated James Mayer Last Man Standing match
6 Khristian (c) defeated Kris McGowan and Kyle Van Johnson Triple threat match for the IWE Intercontinental Championship
7 Jonathon G. and Al Know defeated Jerry Lawler and Jerry Lawler Tag team match for right to be the commentators for Meltdown
8 Bill Coldberg defeated Triple K (c) Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
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