Taboo Tuesday (2005)
Promotional poster featuring Matt Borske, Eric Bischoff and Dustin Simpson
Tagline(s) Log on. Take over.
Theme song(s) "Twisted Transistor" by Korn
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Meltdown
Date November 1, 2005
Attendance 6,000
Venue iPayOne Center
City San Diego, California
Pay-per-view chronology
No Mercy (2005) Taboo Tuesday (2005) Survivor Series (2005)
IWE Cyber Sunday chronology
Taboo Tuesday (2004) Taboo Tuesday (2005) Cyber Sunday (2006)

Taboo Tuesday (2005)[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Event[edit | edit source]

Preliminary Matches[edit | edit source]

Main Event Matches[edit | edit source]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Taboo Tuesday (2005) Results[edit | edit source]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Scott Wright and Matt Hooper defeated Dominic and James Tag Team Match
2 Kip Grant and Jimmy Snuka defeated Robert and Jesse Tag Team Match
3 Mankind defeated Michael Ferry Singles Match
4 Chris LeGreca and Big Marc defeated Kevin Judge and Kevin Ward (c) Tag Team Match for the World Tag Team Championship
5 Jesse Dern defeated Jonathon Street Fight Match
6 Bailey Dalton (c) defeated Ashleigh, Sari Pasma, Coutney Savoie, Katie and Ali Richards Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal for the IWE Women's Championship
7 Ric Flair (c) defeated Triple K Steel Cage Match for the IWE Intercontinental Championship
8 Dustin Simpson (c) defeated Matt Borske and Ryan Barnhart Triple Threat Match for the IWE Championship

Poll Results[edit | edit source]

Poll Results
Opponents for Snitsky and Chris Masters
  • Matt Hooper (31%)
  • Scott Wright (29%
  • John Goff (17%)
  • Jared Hunt (13%)
  • Steven Murnion (10%)
Kip Grants's partner against Ryan Gleason and Tyson Kanta
  • Jimmy Snuka (42%)
  • Jim Duggan (40%)
  • Kamala (17%)
Gimmick for Mick Foley against Michael Ferry
  • Mankind (52%)
  • Cactus Jack (35%)
  • Dude Love (13%)
Stipulations for Jesse Dern versus Jonathan
  • Street Fight (91%)
  • Verbal debate (6%)
  • Arm wrestling match (3%)
Outfit for the Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal
  • Lingerie (43%)
  • Leather and lace (32%)
  • Cheerleader (25%)
Stipulations for Triple K versus Richard Austin
  • Steel Cage Match (83%)
  • Submission match (13%)
  • Regular match (4%)
Opponent for Dustin Simpson and Matt Borske
  • Ryan Barnhart (46%)
  • Chris LeGreca (38%)
  • The Big Marc (16%)
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