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Survivor Series (2006)
Promotional poster of a skull featuring The Big Marc, Dustin Simpson and King Britz
Theme song(s) "Are You Ready" by Hazen Street
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Meltdown
Date November 26, 2006
Attendance 15,400
Venue Wachovia Center
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pay-per-view chronology
Cyber Sunday (2006) Survivor Series (2006) December to Dismember (2006)
Survivor Series chronology
Survivor Series (2005) Survivor Series (2006) Survivor Series (2007)

Survivor Series (2006) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE).. It was the twentieth annual Survivor Series event, and it took place on November 26, 2006 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.




The following night on Metldown, Triple K, Ryan Barnhart and Ric Flair defeated all five members of the Spirit Squad. They were sick and tired of the Spirit Squad, so in a backstage segment, DX locked the male cheerleaders in a travel case and sent them to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky via delivery man. That was the end of the Spirit Squad faction. As for DX's teammates at Survivor Series, The Hoopers were challenged by the newly reunited team of Joey Linderman and Joey Hayes. Eventually, they had a tag team match at December to Dismember.

Courtney earned a shot at the Women's Championship by defeating Denise, Jessica Wilson, Ali and Ali Richards Melina, Torrie Wilson, Maria, and Candice Michelle in a battle royal. She eventually lost to the Women's Champion Mickie James at New Year's Revolution.

IWE Champion Dustin Simpson was challenged by the undefeated Umaga the next night on Meltdown. Simpson accepted the challenge and they had the championship match at the next Meltdown pay-per-view, New Year's Revolution. Simpson ended Keith Coleman's winning streak to retain the championship.

The following edition of Fusion!, General Manager Theodore Long announced Chris LeGreca versus Mikhail Schmalzried in an Inferno Match and Martin McAlmond versus Tarry Anderson in a Last Ride Match at Armageddon.. This led to the reunification of the Brothers of Destruction versuse Tarry Anderson and Mikhail on the December 15 edition of Fusion!.

The XCW main feud, was between The Big Marc and Bobby who signed a contract to be in the Extreme Elimination Chamber match on the November 14 of XCW. At December to Dismember, Bobby became the new XCW Champion by winning the Extreme Elimination chamber match.

Survivor Series (2006) Results[]

# Results Stipulations
Dark Michael Ferry defeated Jared Keller Singles match
1 Team IWE Legends (Ric Flair, Sgt Slaughter, Mr. Semmler and Ron) defeated Team Spirit Squad Four on Four Survivor Series Match
2 Kevin Hunter (c) defeated Josh Nuss (with Lynn Lehr) Singles match for the IWE United States Championship
3 Sari Pasma defeated Nicole (c) Singles match for the IWE Women's Championship
4 Team DX (Triple K, Ryan Barnhart, The Hooper's and Justin Eldridge) defeated Team Rated-RKO (Kevin McAlmond, Edge, Jared, Alex Knox and Joe Linderman) Five on Five Survivor Series Match
5 Tarry Anderson defeated Martin McAlmond First Blood Match
6 Team Simpson (Dustin Simpson, Chris LeGreca, Bobby, Jason Dikes and KGM) defeated Team Marc (Big Marc, Andrew Sekora, Mikhail, Danny and Keith Coleman) Five on Five Survivor Series Match
7 Jesse Dern defeated Steve Britz (c) Last Chance Match for the IWE World Heavyweight Championship

IWE Legends vs. Team Spirit Squad Elimination Match[]

Elimination # Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination move Time
1 Ron Team IWE Legends No one Counted out 1:54
2 Sgt. Slaughter Team IWE Legends Nick Kessler Pinnfall after a Spinning Hell Kick from K. Judge 6:27
3 Nick Kessler Team Spirit Squad Mr. Semmler Pinfall after a Bionic Elbow 6:54
4 Dusty Semmler Team IWE Legend Kevin Ward Pinfall with a school boy roll-up and hooking his jeans 8:25
5 Mike Banderob Team Spirit Squad Ric Flair Pinfall with Flair's feet on the ropes 9:13
6 Kevin Ward Team Spirit Squad Ric Flair Pinfall with a inside cradle 9:49
7 Kevin Judge Team Spirit Squad Ric Flair Submission by Figure Four Leglock 10:31
Survivor(s): Ric Flair (Team IWE Legends)

Team DX vs. Team Rated-RKO[]

Elimination # Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination move Time'
1 Alex Knox Team Rated-RKO Ryan Barnhart Pinfall after Sweet Chin Music 0:40
2 Joe Linderman Team Rated-RKO Justin Eldirdge Submission by Anaconda Vice 4:54
3 Greg Beasly Team Rated-RKO Matt Hooper Pinfall after a Twist of Faith from Matt and Swanton Bomb from Josh 9:23
4 Edge Team Rated-RKO Ryan Barnhart Pinfall after Sweet Chin Music 10:35
5 Kevin McAlmond Team Rated-RKO Triple K Pinfall after Sweet Chin Music from Barnhart and a Pedigree from Triple K 11:30
Survivors: Team D-Generation X

Team Simpson vs. Team Big Marc Elimination Survivor Series Match[]

Elimination # Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination move Time
1 Keith Coleman Team Big Marc N/A Disqualified after hitting KGM and Jason Dikes with a television monitor 0:58
2 Mikhail Schmalzried Team Big Marc KGM Pinfall after a chokeslam from Chris LeGreca and a Five-Star Frong Splash 5:31
3 KGM Team Simpson Andrew Sekora Pinfall after a Running Big Boot 5:47
4 Andrew Sekora Team Big Marc Jason Dikes Pinfall after a Tornado DDT 6:19
5 Jason Dikes Team Simpson Big Marc Pinfall after a chokeslam 6:35
6 Chris LeGreca Team Simpson Big Marc Pinfall after a shillelaugh shot from Dan Hooper and a chokeslam 7:26
7 Dan Hooper Team Big Marc Bobby Pinfall after a Spear 10:28
8 The Big Marc Team Big Marc Simpson Pinfall after a Spear from Bobby and an FU 12:35
Survivor(s): Dustin Simpson and Bobby (Team Simpson)