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Survivor Series (2002)

Promotional poster featuring Kyle Van Johnson

Theme song(s) "Always" by Saliva
Promotion International Wrestling Enter.
Brand(s) Meltdown


Date November 17, 2002
Attendance 17,930
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York, New York
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Survivor Series (2002) was the sixteenth annual Survivor Series professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). It took place on November 17, 2002 from Madison Square Garden in New York, New York and featured talent from both the Meltdown and Fusion! brands. The official theme song was "Always" by Saliva, who performed the song and Kris McGowan's entrance music live from The World.


The main feud heading into Survivor Series on the Meltdown brand was between Triple K, Kyle Van Johnson, Steve Britz, Chris LeGreca, Kris McGowan and Ryan Barnhart over the World Heavyweight Championship. The feud started on the September 2 edition of Meltdown when Meltdown General Manager Eric Bischoff awarded Triple K the World Heavyweight Championship in the form of the old WCW Championship belt. Later on that edition, Triple K successfully defended the World title over Ric Flair but lost in a tag team match to both Ric Flair and Kyle Van Johnson towards the end of the show. On the September 9 edition of Meltdown, Kyle Van Johnson became the number one contender to the World Championship by defeating Kris McGowan, Josh Hooper and The Big Marc in a fatal four-way elimination match. The following week on Meltdown, Van Johnson lost the IWE Intercontinental Championship to Kris McGowan after interference by Triple K. At Unforgiven, Van Johnson faced Triple K for the World Heavyweight Championship. Van Johnson lost the title match after Ric Flair nailed him with the sledgehammer, allowing Triple K to finish him off with the pedigree, thus retaining the title. On the September 30 edition of Meltdown, Triple K defeated Harlan Dudley to retain the World title. Then later that night, Chris LeGreca won the Intercontinental Championship from McGowan despite interference from Triple K and Ric Flair. The match was made between Triple K and Chris LeGrecae for No Mercy on October 20 in which both Chris LeGreca's Intercontinental Championship and Triple K's World Heavyweight Championship were at stake. On the October 7 edition of Meltdown, Chris LeGreca successfully singlehandedly defended the World Tag Team Championship (that he had won on September 23) in a four team Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match as The Hurricane had been attacked earlier that evening (by Triple K and Ric Flair) and was thus unable to compete. The following week on Meltdown, Chris LeGreca and The Hurricane lost the tag titles to Khristian and McGowan. Later that night, Triple K defeated RVJ in Canadian lumberjack strap match after Ric Flair nailed Van Johnson from behind with the World title belt while the referee was distracted. At No Mercy, Triple K went on to defeat Chris LeGreca in title unification match which Triple K won the IC Title and unified with his World Title. On the October 21 edition of Meltdown, Meltdown General Manager Eric Bischoff announced that the first ever Elimination Chamber would take place at Survivor Series. Bischoff did this, as he wanted the Elimination Chamber match to be better than Fusion!'s Hell in a Cell main event at No Mercy. On the October 28 edition of Meltdown, Bischoff stated that the Elimination Chamber would be combination of IWE's Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and WCW's War Games matches, in that a countdown timer comes from the Rumble and War Games, the enclosed cage format from War Games, and the elimination process from the Rumble and Series. Bischoff also added that the match will involve six superstars. This led to Bischoff revealing the six participants for the contest; Triple K, Kris McGowan, Steve Britz, Kyle Van Johnson, Chris LeGreca and Ryan Barnhart. Later on that edition, when World Champion Triple K took on Chris LeGreca in a Casket match, Ryan Barnhart (who Triple K put out of action after their Unsanctioned Street Fight at SummerSlam) emerged out of the casket and assaulted Triple K. To gain further payback, Barnhart then nailed him with the Sweet Chin Music, allowing Chris LeGreca to put Triple K in the casket and closed the lid to win the match. On the November 4 edition of Meltdown, Steve Britz and Chris LeGreca defeated World CHampion Triple K and Kris McGowan in a tag team match after Barnhart interfered again. Afterwords, Barnhart accepted the offer of being part of the 1st ever Elimination Chamber for the World title at Survivor Series.

The main feud on the Fusion! brand was between Rob Lesnar and The Big MArc over the IWE Championship. Lesnar won the title three months prior at SummerSlam by defeating then-champion The Rock. Two months later at No Mercy, Lesnar defeated Martin McAlmond in a Hell in a Cell match to retain the title, pinning him after an F-5. On the October 24 edition of Fusion!, after claiming nobody on Fusion! could defeat him, Big Marc was traded to Fusion!, immediately issuing a challenge to IWE Champion Rob Lesnar, who accepted later that night. Later that night, after Lesnar and Martin McALmond cut promos to one another, the Big Marc threw Martin McAlmond off the stage, thus injuring his neck. The next week on Fusion!, Lesnar faced off against Scott Wright, which ended in a no-contest after Big Marc interfered and tossed Wright into the crowd. On the November 8 edition of Fusion!, after Lesnar defeated Brian McAlmond in a non-title match, Big Marc attacked Lesnar and slammed him off the stage. The following week on Fusion!, Lesnar's manager Paul Heyman was convinced more than anyone that Lesnar could not win, trying to talk him out of defending the title. Lesnar refused and decided to challenge The Big Marc to the ring. As Big Marc came out, Lesnar drove him through the Steel steps. Moments later, Lesnar took out Big Marc with five chair shots then nailed him with the Championship belt, proving a point that Lesnar can beat The Big Marc when they face off at Survivor Series.


Other on-screen talent
Role: Name:
Commentator Jim Ross (Raw)
Jerry "The King" Lawler (Raw)
Michael Cole (SmackDown!)
Tazz (SmackDown!)
Carlos Cabrera (Spanish)
Hugo Savinovich (Spanish)
Interviewer Jonathan Coachman
Terri Runnels
Ring announcer Howard Finkel (Raw)
Tony Chimel (SmackDown!)
Referee Earl Hebner
Jim Korderas
Brian Hebner
Mike Chioda
Charles Robinson
Jack Doan
Nick Patrick
Mike Sparks
Chad Patton

Before the event aired live on pay-per-view, Mike Storm and William Kapphan defeated The Hurricane and Goldust in a match that aired on Sunday Night HEAT. The first match of the event was an Elimination Tables match as Josh Hooper, Harlan Dudley and Spike Dudley faced 3-Minute Warning (Tommy, Steven) and Rikki. Spike was eliminated first as Tommy and Steven performed a Double Flapjack on him. A miscue was picked up on the audio, as Rikki was supposed to be knocked off the top rope, by HHooper, and Rikki could be heard yelling in frustration "Come on Josh, Goddammit!" Tommy was next to go, as he was eliminated by Josh Hooper with a Swanton Bomb. With Hooper laying on the ground, outside of the ring, the remaining 3-Minute Warning member, Steven, splashed off the top rope, eliminating Hooper from the match. At this point it was down to Steven and Rikki against Harlan. As Harlan fought for his team, he eliminated Steven after performing a Top-Rope Powerbomb. Scott Dudley hit the ring, and along with Harlan, they performed the 3D onto Rikki for the win.

The next match was for the IWE Cruiserweight Championship, with reigning champion James Noble taking on Kevin Kidman. Nicole Whyte accompanied Noble to the ring, and interfered with many parts of the match, including slapping Kidman across the face. Noble went after Kidman, but missed, and knocked Nicole off the apron. Kidman managed to hit the Shooting star press for the win. Kevin Kidman was named Cruiserweight Champion.

The third match was for the IWE Women's Championship. It was a Hardcore match with reigning champion Bailey Dalton taking on Courtney. Courtney choked Bailey with a broomstick at the turnbuckle and hit her with a trash can lid. Bailey recovered, and sent Courtney into an ironing board before hitting her several times with a Singapore cane. Courtney (with a bloody nose), went under the ring, and came back out with a fire extinguisher. Courtney sprayed Bailey with the extinguisher and gave her a suplex, capturing the Women's title.

The fourth match was the encounter of The Big Marc and Rob Lesnar for the IWE Championship. Lesnar came into the match with injured ribs, which Big Marc took advantage of earlier into the match. However, Lesnar gained control over Big Marc, and hit him with an F-5, which was a near pinfall, but the referee would be pulled out of the ring by Paul Heyman, who was managing Lesnar in the match. Marc would however grab a steel chair, hit Lesnar in the ribs, and chokeslam Lesnar onto it and pinning Lesnar, winning the match and the IWE Championship.

The final match on the undercard was a Triple threat Tag team match for the IWE Tag Team Championship between the team of Los McAlmonds (Brian and Josh McAlmond), Edge and Scott Wright, and Matt Borske and Kevin Hunter. A back and forth match between the three teams, until Edge attacked Hunter with a Spear, eliminating the team of Borske and Hunter. The final elimination was the team of Edge and Wright, when Brian forced Wight to submit to the Lasso from El Paso, thus Los McAlmonds winning the match and the WWE Tag Team Championship. After the match, Scott Hunter made his return to IWE, and attacked Christopher Bara and Matt Hooper after they had given an insulting promo about New York City and its citizens.

The main event was an Elimination Chamber MatchElimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Kyle Van Johnson, Chris LeGreca, Triple K, Kris McGowan, Steve Britz, and Ryan Barnhart. The match started off with Triple K facing off against Rob Van Johnson, while the remaining four superstars were locked in the four chambers. Superstars entered the match at five minute intervals; the first elimination was made by Steve Britz after he pinned Rob Van Johnson. However, Steve Britz would be the next elimination after McGowan pinned him. The third elimination was made by McGowan pinned Chris LeGreca, but McGowan would be the next elimination after Barnhart pinned him. The final elimination was made by Barnhart when he pinned Triple K, thus winning the match and the World Heavyweight Championship.


Survivor Series (2002) Results[]

# Results Stipulations
HEAT Mike Storm & William Kapphan defeated Goldust & The Hurricane Tag team match
1 The Dudley Boyz (Harlan]] & Spike) & Josh Hooper defeated 3-Minute Warning (Tommy & Steven) & Rikki Elimination Tables match
2 Kevin Kidman defeated James Noble (c) (with Nicole Whyte) Singles match for the IWE Cruiserweight Championship
3 Courtney defeated Bailey Dalton (c) Hardcore match for the IWE Women's Championship
4 The Big Marc defeated Rob Lesnar (c) (with Paul Heyman) Singles match for the IWE Championship
5 Los McAlmonds (Brian McAlmond & Josh McAlmond) defeated Matt Borske & Kevin Hunter, and Edge & Scott Wright Triple Threat Elimination match for the IWE Tag Team Championship
6 Ryan Barnhart defeated Triple K (c), Steve Britz, Kyle Van Johnson, Chris LeGreca, and Kris McGowan Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Elimination Table match eliminations[]

Eliminated Wrestler Team Eliminated By Method of elimination
1 Spike Dudley Team of The Dudley Boyz & Josh Hooper Stevie and Thomas Double Flapjack
2 Tommy Team of 3-Minute Warning and Rikki Josh Hooper Swanton Bomb
3 Josh Hooper Team of The Dudley Boyz & Josh Hooper Thomas Diving Splash
4 Steven Team of 3-Minute Warning and Rikki Harlan Dudley Top-Rope Powerbomb
5 Rikki Team of 3-Minute Warning and Rikki Harlan and Scott Dudley* Dudley Death Drop
  • Thomas and Stevie, who were already eliminated, attacked Harlen to attempt to win the match. A few seconds later Scott interfered, to help Harlan.

Elimination Chamber entrances and eliminations[]

Eliminated Wrestler Entered Eliminated By Method of elimination
1 Kyle Van Johnson 1 Britz Missile Dropkick
2 Steve Britz 4 McGowan Chokeslam from LeGreca and a Lionsault from McGowan
3 Chris LeGreca 5 McGowan Sweet Chin Music from Barnhart, Pedigree from Triple K, and a Lionsault from McGowan
4 Kris McGowan 3 Barnhart Sweet Chin Music
5 Triple K 2 Barnhart Sweet Chin Music
Winner Ryan Barnhart 6