Survivor Series (2001)

Promotional poster featuring Nicole and Torrie

Tagline(s) "Winner Take All!"
Theme song(s) "Control" by Puddle of Mudd
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Date November 18, 2001
Attendance 10,142
Venue Greensboro, Coliseum
City Greensboro, North Carolina
Pay-per-view chronology
Rebellion (2001) Survivor Series (2001) Vengeance (2001)
Survivor Series chronology
Survivor Series (2000) Survivor Series (2001) Survivor Series (2002)

Survivor Series (2001) was the fifteenth annual Survivor Series pay-per-view professional wrestling event produced by the International Wrestling Federation (WWF). It took place on November 18, 2001 at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Invasion angle ended at this event with the "Winner Take All Match."


The event featured eight professional wrestling matches with outcomes predetermined by IWF script writers. The matches featured wrestlers portraying their characters in planned storylines that took place before, during and after the event.

On the October 22, 2001 episode of Meltdown, Grant and Linda Mayer challenged Shane and Brittany Bayer to a "Winner Take All" match to determine the fate of both companies; in Vince and Linda's case, the WWF, and in Shane and Stephanie's case, the WCW/XCW Alliance. Vince, however, had to deal with the defection of Matt Borske to the Alliance and the constant feud between WCW Champion Sam Simkins and Kris McGowan over the title. Vince began spreading rumors to the Alliance that there was a mole within their faction. On an episode of Fusion! before the Survivor Series, Steve Johnson was the last man standing after both factions attacked each other in the ring. After that, Mr. Bayer appeared on the entrance ramp and shared a smile with Steve Johnson, teasing that Steve Johnson would be the mole.



Survivor Series (2008) MatchesEdit

# Results Stipulations
Heat Mike Storm, Justin Feight, and Russell defeated Blubert, Scotty 2 Hotty, and Spike Tag team match
1 Khristian (c) defeated Alex Snow Singles match for the IWF European Championship
2 William Kapphan defeated Park (with Jessica Wilson) Singles match
3 WCW United States Champion Edge defeated IWF Intercontinental Champion Test Title Unification match for the WCW United States Championship and the WWF Intercontinental Championship
4 WCW Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz (with Stacy Keibler) defeated IWF Tag Team Champions The Hooper Boyz Steel Cage Title Unification match for the WCW World Tag Team and the IWF Tag Team Championship
5 Test last eliminated Billy Morgan to win. Immunity battle royal
6 Bailey Dalton defeated Nicole, Beatrice, Mighty Molly, Felisha Nuss, and Ivory Six-Pack Challenge for the vacant IWF Women's Championship
7 Team IWF (The Rock, Kris McGowan, Martin McAlmond, Chris LeGreca, and The Big Marc) defeated Team Alliance (Steve Johnson, KVJ, Matt Borske, Steve Britz, and James Mayer) Five-on-five Survivor Series elimination match

Team IWF vs. Team WCW/XCW EliminationsEdit

Elimination # Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination move
1 Big Marc Team IWF James Mayer Pinfall after an Borske Slam from Borkse, Scissors kick from Britz, Five-Star Frog Splash from RVD, and Leap of Faith from Shane McMahon
3 Chris LeGreca Team IWF KVJ Pinfall after a Flying thrust kick
4 Martin McAlmond Team IWF Matt Borske Pinfall after a Stone Cold Stunner
5 Steve Britz Team Alliance The Rock Pinfall with a Roll-up
6 KVJ Team Alliance Kris McGowan Pinfall after a Breakdown
7 Matt Borske Team Alliance The Rock Submission by Sharpshooter
8 Kris McGowan Team IWF Steve Johnson Pinfall by Roll-up
9 Steve Johnson Team Alliance The Rock Pinfall after a hit from the IWF title belt by Borske and a Rock Bottom
Survivor: The Rock (Team IWF)
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