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Royal Rumble (2008)

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/b/be/Royalrumble08.jpg/200px-Royalrumble08.jpg Promotional poster featuring several IWE Superstars

Theme song(s) "Stand Up for Rock N' Roll" by Airbourne
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Brand(s) Meltdown
Date January 27, 2008
Attendance 20,798
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York, New York
Pay-per-view chronology
Armageddon (2007) Royal Rumble (2008) No Way Out (2008)
Royal Rumble chronology
Royal Rumble (2007) Royal Rumble (2008) Royal Rumble (2009)

Royal Rumble (2008)[]

Royal Rumble (2008) was the twenty-first annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). It took place on January 27, 2008 at Madison Square Garden in New York, New York and featured talent from the Meltdown, Fusion and XCW brands. The event was also the firstIWE pay-per-view broadcast in high defination. As has been customary since 1993, the Royal Rumble Match winner received a match at that year's WrestleMania, (in this instance: WrestleMania XXVI) for his choice at either the IWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship or the XCW World Championship.


Royal Rumble featured professional wrestling matches that involved different wrestlers from pre-existing scrpted feuds, plots and storylines that were played out on Meltdown, Friday Night Fusion, XCW on Sci Fi – International Wrestling Entertainment's (IWE) primary television programs. Wrestlers portrayed a willain or a hero as they followed a series of events that built tension, and culminated into a wrestling match or series of matches. The event featured wrestlers from IWE's Meltdown, Fusion and XCW – a storyline division in which IWE employees were assigned to a television program of the same name.

Kevin McAlmond on his second reign as IWE Championship

The main feud on the Meltdown brand was between the Intercontinental Champion Josh Hooper and Kevin McAlmond, with the two feuding over the IWE Championship, which was held by McAlmond. McALmond retained the title at Armageddon against the returning Kris McGowan after being disqualified, when the then-Fusion! broadcaster John Goff ran-in, and booted McGowan in the head. McAlmond retained the championship, as a result, due to titles not changing hands on disqualifications. On the same night earlier, Josh Hooper had defeated Triple K to earn the opportunity to face McAlmond at the Royal Rumble for the IWE Championship. The following night, on the December 17, 2007 edition of Meltdown, Hooper teamed up with Ryan Barnhart to take on McAlmond and Tarry Anderson. Hooper gained advantage over McAlmond, and pinned the champion after a Swanton Bomb to earn the victory for himself and Barnhart. Two weeks later, on the last Meltdown of 2007, Hooper and McAlmond met face-to-face in an in-ring segment. McAlmond looked set to RKO Hooper, but Hooper countered, and delivered the Twist of Fate to McAlmond. Later in the night, Hooper looked set to defeat Justin Black, until McAlmond appeared on the Meltdown TitanTron and stated that he had kicked Josh's brother Matt where his appendix used to be, proceeding further to punt him in the head. The following week on a special "Meltdown Roulette" edition of Meltdown, Hooper defended his Intercontinental Championship against Keith Coleman in a Steel Cage Match. Hooper managed to overcome the odds in the Cage, jumping off the top of the cage onto Keith and hitting a Whisper in the Wind to defeat Keith Coleman. On the January 14, 2008 edition of Meltdown, Hooper agreed to face McAlmond that night with his Intercontinental Championship on the line. However, as soon as the bell rang for the match, McAlmond immediately low-blowed Hooper, getting himself disqualified. McAlmond tried to deliver an RKO to Hooper on the concrete floor that he had exposed by removing the black floor padding, but Hooper retaliated and the two began to brawl up the ramp. When McAlmond looked set to kick Hooper in the head, the Intercontinental Champion countered and back-dropped McAlmond onto the arena floor below. Hooper then climbed 30-feet above on the Meltdown set, and then Swanton Bombed off the side of the set onto McAlmond below. The following week on Meltdown, Hooper and McAlmond were scheduled to "shake hands", but Hooper instead shook the hands of "people he respected more than McAlmond", like Lillian Garcia, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, and several fans in the crowd before re-entering the ring to confront McAlmond. A frustrated McAlmond ordered Hooper to shake hands with him, but Hopper performed a Twist of Fate on the IWE Champion instead.

The main feud on the Fusion brand was between Scott Wright and Chris Gomez with the two feuding over the latter's World Heavyweight Championship. Wright won a Beat the Clock Challenge on the January 4, 2008 edition of SmackDown! defeating Chris Gomez with 90 seconds to go, and securing an opportunity for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble.


Royal Rumble (2008) Results[]

# Results Stipulations
Dark Shane and Jimmy defeated Devin 'n Jared Singles match
1 Ric Flair defeated Mikhail Schmalzried Career Threatening match
2 John Goff defeated Kris McGowan by disqualification Singles match
3 Kevin Adams Copeland (c) (with Lynn Lehr) defeated Scott Wright Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
4 Kevin McAlmond (c) defeated Josh Hooper Singles match for the IWE Championship
5 Dustin Simpson last eliminated Triple K to win 2008 Royal Rumble match

Royal Rumble Match Order and Eliminations[]

# Entrant Brand Order Eliminated By
1 Martin McAlmond Fusion 11 Ryan Barnhart
2 Ryan Barnhart Meltdown 12 Tarry Anderson
3 Justin Black Meltdown 1 Martin McAlmond
4 Reg Hageman Fusion 2 Martin McAlmond
5 Steven Murnion Meltdown 6 Keith Coleman
6 Joe Linderman XCW 14 Chris LeGreca
7 Tommy Brown XCW 3 Jesse Dern
8 Jesse Dern Fusion 29 Triple K
9 Hornswoggle Fusion 16 never re-entered match
10 Chuck Fusion 5 Justin Eldridge
11 Jamie Fusion 4 Chuck
12 Justin Eldridge Meltdown 17 Josh Nuss
13 Mark Semmler Meltdown 18 Triple K
14 Keith Coleman Meltdown 26 Jesse Dern
15 Dominic Meltdown 10 Martin McAlmond
16 Joe Smith XCW 13 Hornswoggle
17 Junior Remeriz XCW 7 Ryan Barnhart
18 Jimmy Snuka - 9 Chris LeGreca
19 Roddy Piper - 8 Chris LeGreca
20 Chris LeGreca Fusion 27 Jesse Dern & Triple K
21 Michael Ferry Meltdown 22 Dustin Simpson
22 Mick Foley - 20 Triple K
23 Tarry Anderson Meltdown 25 Jesse Dern
24 Rob Truax XCW 19 Triple K
25 Steven Larson Fusion 24 Dustin Simpson
26 Josh Nuss Fusion 23 Dustin Simpson
27^ Dan Hooper Fusion 15 Disqualfied
28 Jared Keller XCW 21 Triple K
29 Triple K Meltdown 29 Dustin Simpson
30 Dustin Simpson Meltdown - WINNER