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Royal Rumble (2003)

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/d/d8/Royal_Rumble_2003.jpg/200px-Royal_Rumble_2003.jpg Promotional poster featuring Triple K

Theme song(s) "Falling Apart" by Trust Company
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Brand (s) Meltdown
Date January 19, 2003
Attendance 15,338
Venue Feet Center
City Boston Massachusetts
Pay-per-view chronology
Armageddon (2002) Royal Rumble (2003) No Way Out (2003)
Royal Rumble chronology
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Royal Rumble (2003)[]

Royal Rumble (2003) was the sixteenth annual Royal Rumble professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). The event took place on January 19, 2003 at the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

The main event was the Royal Rumble Match, which Rob Truax won by last eliminating Martin McAlmond to win the match. Truax defeated The Big Marc earlier in the night to qualify into the Royal Rumble match. Featured matches on the undercard were Matt Borske versus Kevin Hunter for the IWE Championship and Triple K versus Scott Hunter for the World Heavyweight Championship.


=Dark matches[]

Before the 2003 Royal Rumble pa=y-per-view, Spike defeated Richard Veach in a Singles Match on Sunday Night Heat

Primary matches[]

The undercard matches were Rob Truax versus The Big Marc in a Royal Rumble Qualification Match where Truax won to be entered into the Royal Rumble Match. The Dudley Boyz defeated Mike and Williams Kapphan to become the new World Tag Team Championship. And Jessica Wilson defeated Katie Marie in a Step-Mother versus Step-Daughter Match, in which Jessica Wilson won the match after a hard fought bought

Main event matches[]

The Main event Card was Scott Hunter versus World Heavyweight Champion Triple K in which Hunter won the match by disqualification but was unable to win the World Heavyweight Championship due to the stipulation to where the Champion could not loss the title under a disqualification.

In another Main event it was Kevin Hunter versus IWE Champion Matt Borske in a Match for the IWE Championship. The match was won by Matt Borske who retain the IWE Championship in the match.

The Main event match was the 2003 Royal Rumble Match with Thirty Superstars in one match for a World Championship shot of there brands Champion at WrestleMania XIX. The Rumble was won by Rob Truax who last eliminated Martin McAlmond who was returning to the company in the Rumble Match.


Due to winning the Royal Rumble match, Rob Truax earned a IWE Championship Match at WrestleMania. As a result, he began a rivalry with the IWE Champion Matt Borske. Kevin Hunter also continued his rivalry with Borske after losing to him at Royal Rumble. At No Way Out, Truax, Kevin Hunter and Chris Gomez were scheduled to take on Team Borske (Matt Borske, Jared Keller and Junior Remeriz) in a Six Man Tag Team Match, but Gomez was injured before the event. As a result, the match became a Handicap Match but Truax and Hunter manageed to defeat Team Borske. At WrestleMania XIX, Truax defeated Borske to the IWE Championship.

After retaining the World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Hunter by getting disqualified, Triple K continued his rivalry with Scott Hunter over the title. On February 3 edition of Meltdown, Scott Hunter became the #1 contender for the title by defeating Kris McGowan. At No Way Out, Triple K defeated Scott Hunter to retain the title.

Royal Rumble (2003) Results[]

# Results Stipulations
Dark Spike defeated Richard Veach Singles match
1 Rob Lesner defeated The Big Marc Royal Rumble Qualification match
2 The Dudley Boyz defeated William Kapphan and Lance Ctorm (c) Tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship
3 Jessica Wilson defeated Katie Marie Singles match
4 Scott Hunter defeated Triple K (c) (with Ric Flair) by disqualification Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
5 Matt Borske (with Team Borske defeated Kevin Hunter Singles match for the IWE Championship
6 Rob Lesner won by last eliminating Martin McAlmond 2003 Royal Rumble match

Royal Rumble Entrances and Eliminations[]

Draw Entrant Brand Order Eliminated by
1 Ryan Barnhart Meltdown 1 McGowan
2 Kris McGowan Meltdown 14 Sekora
3 Christopher Meltdown 2 Wright
4 Scott Wright Fusion 3 McGowan
5 Chris Gomez Fusion 10 McGowan
6 Jared Hunt Meltdown 9 McGowan
7 Josh Nuss Fusion 8 Gomez
8 Park Fusion 6 McGowan
9 Bill Fusion 4 Gomez
10 Tommy Brown Meltdown 5 McGowan & Hunt
11 Bull Fusion 7 Gomez
12 KGM Meltdown 26 LeGreca
13 Matt Hooper Fusion 21 Lesner
14 Brian McAlmond Fusion 13 Britz
15 Josh Hooper Meltdown 11 KGM
16 Steven Meltdown 12 LeGreca
17 Andrew Sekora Meltdown 17 Jesse Dern
18 Dustin Simpson Fusion 22 Martin McAlmond
19 Jared Keller Fusion 20 Lesner
20 Veto Fusion 18 Dern
21 Keith Coleman Meltdown 23 Martin McAlmond
22 Chris LeGreca Meltdown 28 Martin McAlmond
23 Junior Remeriz Fusion 19 Lesner
24 Steve Britz Meltdown 16 Remeriz & Keller
25 Nick Fusion 25 KGM & LeGreca
26 Jonathon Meltdown 24 Martin McAlmond
27 James Thomas Meltdown 15 Remeriz & Keller
28 Jesse Dern Meltdown 27 Martin McAlmond
29 Rob Lesner Fusion - WINNER
30 Martin McAlmond Meltdown 29 Lesner