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  • Scott Wright and Harlan won the Wright&Harlan Invitational Tables Match
    • Scotty and Bryan defeated Matt Williams and Jon Williams
    • Tazz and Nick Kessler double suplexed Scotty through a table to eliminate Scotty and Bryan
    • Scott Wright and Harlan legdropped Tazz through a table to eliminate Tazz and Nick Kessler
    • Scott Wright and Harlan eliminated Right to Censor (Eric Malstrom and TJ McAlmond) with a 3D on Eric Malstrom through a table
  • John Goff, Tim Thennis and Jehann Kazem fought Anderw Sekora, Nick and Sari Pasma to a No Contest.
    • Before the match, The APA was attacked backstage by N & A. Crystal, who was already in the ring, was attacked by Sari. T & A then went to the ring to help attack Crystal when the Hooper Boyz made the save.
  • Kris McGowan defeated Brian Tobol in a Steel Cage Match
    • McGowan won the match by escaping the cage after dropkicking Brian crotch first onto the cage door.
  • Right to Censor (Nick and Steve) defeated Casey Amber and Billy Morgan
    • Nick pinned Amber after interference from Brian McAlmond.
  • Steve Johnson fought Keith Coleman to a no-contest in a No Holds Barred Match
    • The match was declared a no contest after Johnson was arrested for trying to run down Keith Coleman with his truck.
  • William Kapphan defeated Naked Mike to retain the IWF European Championship
  • Los Conquistadores (Chris Gomez and Jared Hunt in masks) defeated The Hooper Boyz (Matt and [[Josh Hooper|Josh) to win the IWF Tag Team Championship
    • Dos (Jared Hunt) pinned Matt after an Unprettier.
  • Triple K defeated Kevin Hunter
    • Triple K pinned Hunter after a low blow and a Pedigree.
  • Matt Borske defeated Sam Simkins in a No Disqulaification Match to win the IWF Championship
    • Borske pinned Sam after an Borske Slam.
    • In the match, Coleman interfered on Sam's behalf but accidentally nailed him with a savate kick.