Results Stipulations Times
Dark The Headbangers defeated Bart Morgan and James Burdick Tag team match 06:10
1 Triple K defeated Grant Boyton King of the Ring Semi-Final match 07:42
2 Mankind defeated Jerry Lawler King of the Ring Semi-Final match 10:24
3 James Thomas defeated Quinn Noel Singles match 09:56
4 The Hart Foundation (Owen Hart, Mr. Aldrich and Mr. Gomez) defeated Tyler Erickson and and The Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) Six-man tag team match 13:37
5 Triple K defeated Mankind King of the Ring Final match 19:26
6 Ryan Barnhart fought Steve Johnson to a double disqualification Singles match 22:29
7 Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Samual Singles for the IWF Championship 13:43
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

Tournament brackets

The tournament was held between May 12 and June , 1997. The tournament brackets were:

Grant Boyton DQ
Triple K 3:25
Grant Boyton Pin
Triple K 7:42
Triple K Pin
Nathan Blackburn 18:56
Triple K Pin
Mankind 19:28
James Thomas Pin
Jerry Lawler 11:55
Jerry Lawler Sub
Mankind 10:24
Mankind Pin
Jason Dikes 14:35
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