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IWE House Show #6


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June 3, 2011 & June 4, 2011

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House Show #6 is the first show to go to a double night with the International Wrestling Entertainment has a two night 4th of July House Show special, 5 Matches will be fought the first match another 7 matches will be scheduled for the second day The IWE Championship will be on the line on both nights.




May 3rd, 2011
# Match Stipulations
1 Kalee Carroll defeated Kaila Matteson, Kassi Austin and Crystal Gozelanski Fatal 4-Way Elimination match
2 Angela McAlmond and Kiela Belgarde defeated Victoria Lehr and Amanda Johnson Hardcore Tag team match
3 The Hooper's (Matt and Josh) (c) defeated Nexus (Ryan Gleason and Brian Tobol) vs. The Larson's vs. Nexus (Ryan Borske and Tyler Erickson) Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the Unified Tag Team Championship
4 Martin McAlmond (c) defeated Josh Erickson Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
5 Kevin McAlmond (with Kirsten Adkisson) defeated Matt Borske (with Daniel Gonzalez and Cassie Plumb) No Disqualification match for the IWE Championship
May 4th, 2011 (Happy 4th)
# Match Stipulations
1 Jesse Dern defeated James Burdick (c) vs. Mark Semmler vs. Jason Downing Fatal 4-Way match for the United Nations Championship
2 Chris Gomez defeated Ryan Gleason Singles match
3 Dixie Hooper defeated Amanda Wagner Singles match
4 Brian Tobol defeated Brian Tobol Casket match
5 Dan Hooper and Josh Hooper defeated Josh Nuss and Ryan Coster Tag team match
6 Jared Hunt defeated Jack Garding and Kevin Judge Triple threat match
7 Kevin McAlmond (with Kirsten Adkisson) (c) and Martin McAlmond (c) (with Angela McAlmond) defeated Daniel Gonzalez and Matt Borske Tag team Hell in a Cell match for the IWE Championship and World Championship