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IWE House Show #5


International Wrestling Entertainment


June 5, 2011

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This is the fifth House Show produced by International Wrestling Entertainment. This house show was just announced and will begin at 8:00pm!


This was the first house show that is Live (every match is added when they happen!)


Aftermath of House Show 5[]

House Show 5 results[]

# Matches Stipulations
1 The Hooper's (Matt Hooper, Josh Hooper and Dan Hooper) defated Steve Birtz and The Nexus (Ryan Borske and Tyler Erickson) Six-man tag team match
2 Mark Semmler and Robert Roode defeated Kyle Hollowell and David Aldrich Tag team match
3 Kooper McAlmond (c) fought Richard Munoz to a No Contest Singles match for the Heavyweight Championship
5 Amanda Johnson (with Victoria Lehr) defeated Nicole McLaughlin Singles match
6 Crystal Simpson defeated Victoria Lehr (with Amanda Johnson) by disqualification Singles match
7 James Burdick (c) defeated James Allred and Kevin Ward 3 Way Elimination Match for the United Nations Championship
8 The McAlmond Family (Kevin McAlmond, Martin McAlmond, Chris LeGreca) defeated The Nexus (Daniel Gonzalez, Matt Borske and Michael) Six-man tag team match

Eliminations of I.N. Title match[]

# Wrestler Eliminated by Elimination method
1 Kevin Ward James Allred Superkick from Burdick, Frog Splash from Allred
2 James Allred James Burdick Superkick and Powerbomb