IWE House Show #4


International Wrestling Entertainment


June 5, 2011

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The forth house show is set to be produced by International Wrestling Entertainment as the World Tag Team Championships are the only match scheduled so far!

Background[edit | edit source]

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Main event matches[edit | edit source]

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Card[edit | edit source]

# Match Stipulations
1 Amber Martin defeated Shaina Dargan Singles match
2 Angela McAlmond (c) defeated Kassi Austin Singles match for the Knockouts Championship
3 Felisha Nuss and Arynn Darfler defeated Victoria Lehr Handicap match
4 The McAlmond (c) fought The Nexus and The Korre to a no contest Triple threat tag team match for the World Tag Team Championship
5 D-Generation X and The Korre defeated The Nexus and The new World Elite 11-on-12 Handicap tag team match
  • The main event between DX and Korre vs. Nexus and new World Elite was made by General Manager Glennda McAlmond after The new World Elite interfered in the World Tag Title match.
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