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IWE House Show #2


International Wrestling Entertainment


February 27, 2011

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The second House show will take place on the last Sunday of February. Fives matches have been schedule! But there will be at least 8 Matches tonight at the second house show of International Wrestling Entertainment.


The first match made for the second House show in IWE was the Tweleve Man Tag Team Elimination Match. As Evolution's Kevin McAlmond, Martin McAlmond, Kooper McAlmond, The Hooper's and Ryan Barnhart to take on The Nexus's Daniel Gonzalez, The Borske's, Brian Tobol, The Erickson's battle inside the ring in what will be the biggest match in a IWE House Show history!

The next match that was made was Nexus Member, Ryan Gleason versus Zack Nuss in a Street Fight Match.

The next match schduled, Will Kapphan will go one on one with the United Nations Champion James Burdick this match will be a Ladder Match with a briefcase full of $100,000 the winner gets the money. and a possible title shot at the UN or International Championships

The fourth match will be Joe Smith and Zack Nuss one on one in a Singles Match.

The other match that is scheduled for tonights show is the Divas Champion Brittany Mayer teaming with the Knockouts Champion Angela McAlmond against Female "Nexus" Victoria Lehr and her tag team partner tonight fellow Nexi Female member, Amanda Johnson to face off tonight in a Tag Team Match.


# Match Stipulations
1 Dustin Simpson defeated Nick Kessler Singles Match
2 Ryan Gleason defeated Zack Nuss Street Fight
3 Chris Gomez defeated Dan Hooper Singles Match
4 Kris McGowan defeated Steve Britz and Kyle Hollow Triple Threat Match
5 James Burdick defeated Will Kapphan Ladder Match
6 Joe Smith vs. Joe Linderman ended in a No Contest Singles Match
7 Quinn Noel defeated Grant Boyton Steel Cage Match
8 Mark and Richard (c) defeated The Larson Brother's Tag Team Match for the Meltdown Tag Team Championship
9 Angela and Brittany defeated Victoria and Amanda Tag Team Match
10 Evolution defeated Nexus 12-Man Tag Team Elimination Match

12-Man Tag Team Match Eliminations[]

# Eliminated Team Eliminated By Method of Eliminations
1 Josh Hooper Evolution Matt Borske Pinned after a Chair Shot
2 Brian Tobol The Nexus Kevin McAlmond Pinned after a Doomsday
3 Ryan Barnhart Evolution Daniel Gonzalez Pinned after Powerbomb on outside of the ring
4 Kooper McAmond Evolution Daniel Gonzalez Pinned after a Chair Shot and Powerbomb
5 Daniel Gonzalez The Nexus Kevin McAlmond Pinned after a Doomsday, RKO and Pedigree
6 Matt Hooper Evolution The Borkse's Pinned after us of 3D by Matt Borske
7 Tyler Erickson The Nexus Kevin McAlmond Pinned after RKO
8 Ryan Broske The Nexus Martin McAlmond Pinned after a Spear
9 Martin McAlmond Evolution Matt Borske Pinned after a Chair Shot from Erickson
10 Josh Erickson The Nexus Kevin McAlmond Pinned after RKO and Pedigree
11 Matt Borske The Nexus Kevin McAlmond Pinned after Doomsday on the outside of the ring
Survivor(s): Kevin McAlmond (Evolution)