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Extreme Rules (2010)

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Theme song(s) "Time to Shine" by Saliva
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Date April 25, 2010
Attendance 12,278
Venue 1st Mariner Arena
City Baltimore Maryland
Pay-per-view chronology
WrestleMania XXVI Extreme Rules (2010) Over the Limit (2010)
Extreme Rules chronology
Extreme Rules (2009) Extreme Rules (2010) Extreme Rules (2011)

Extreme Rules (2010) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE), which took place on April 25, 2010 at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore Maryland. It was sponsored by KFC. It was the second event promoted under the Extreme Rules name. There were eight matches scheduled on the event's card, all of which featured an 'extreme' stipulation, with no regular singles matches on the card. The event received 182,000 pay-per-view buys, the same as the figure achieved by Backlash 2009.


Extreme Rules featured professional wrestling matches involving different wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds and storylines which were played out on International Wrestling Entertainment's (IWE) television programs and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches. Wrestlers portrayed either a villainous or heroic character.

The main storyline from the Meltdown brand featured Dustin Simpson and Jesse Dern feuding over the IWE Championship. The feud had begun several months previously and been a feature of several pay-per-views, including WrestleMania XXVI, where Simpson defeated Jesse Dern to win the championship. Following WrestleMania, on the April 5 episode of Meltdown, Jesse Dern attacked Simpson after a match, and it was announced that Jesse Dern would receive his rematch in a Last Man Standing Match at Extreme Rules.

World Heavyweight Champion Charlie Wilson from the Fusion brand was scheduled to face Meltdown wrestler Kevin McAlmond. Wilson won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, earning a contract for a guaranteed championship match at the time and place of his choosing. He utilized the contract on the April 2 episode of Fusion, defeating Kris McGowan to win the World Heavyweight Championship. After a number one contender's match between McGowan and Chris Gomez ended in a double countout, Meltdown guest host David Hasselhoff announced that Wilson would face McAlmond, who had beaten Wilson on two occasions, in an Extreme Rules Match.

Kris McGowan and Chris Gomez also had a scheduled match on the card. Gomez returned from injury at the Royal Rumble, winning the Royal Rumble Match, and earning a match for a championship of his choosing at WrestleMania. Gomez elected to wrestle the World Heavyweight Champion McGowan, but lost. On the following episode of Fusion, Gomez attacked McGowan, allowing Charlie Wilson to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and win the championship. After a number one contender's match between McGowan and Gomez went to a double countout, it was announced that they would face each other in a Steel Cage Match.

The secondary rivalry from the Meltdown brand heading into Extreme Rules was between Triple K and Garrett Joseph. Garrett felt that Triple K was responsible for him losing the IWE Championship at Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, and so challenged him at WrestleMania, but lost. As a result, the following night on Meltdown, Garrett Joseph attacked Triple K with a lead pipe, and it was announced that the two would meet in a Street Fight at Extreme Rules.

Justin Eldridge and Scott Wright had been feuding for several months prior to Extreme Rules, which included Eldridge tormenting Wright in front of his wife and children. They wrestled at WrestleMania, with Wright winning, and so avoiding being forced to join Eldridge's stable, The Straight Edge Society. When inducting members into The Straight Edge Society, Eldridge shaved their hair, while retaining long hair himself. As a result, Wright challenged him over it, and it was announced that the stipulation for their match at Extreme Rules was that if Eldridge lost, he would have his head shaved.

Also announced for the card was a match for the IWE Women's Championship between the champion, Amanda Johnson and Chandra Denney. The feud began when Phoenix objected to Fusion Consultant Lynn Lehr, aligned with Team Lehr-Son (Amanda Johnson and Victoria Lehr), and refused to grant Denney a title match. After earning her championship match, Denney was attacked on the April 23 episode of Fusion by Team Lehr-Son, who hit her with an ironing board and drew on her with lipstick to set up an Extreme Makeover Match.

The final match on the card was between former tag team partners, Austin Patrick and Luke Maleski. After Cryme Tyme lost a Tag Team Match on the April 2 episode of SmackDown, Patrick turned on Luke Maleski and attacked him, setting up a Strap Match between the two.

IWE Extreme Rules (2010) Results[]

# Matches Stipulations
Dark Jose Serrano defeated Nick Kessler Singles Match
1 The Heart Dynasty defeated Big Marc and Joe Smith, Joe Linderman and Blake Wheeler and Mikhail and Steven Larson Gauntlet Match – If MarSmith lost, the winning team would earn a future Unified Tag Team Championship
2 Justin Eldridge defeated Scott Wright Hair Match; If Justin Eldridge had lost he would have had his head shaved
3 Luke Maleski defeated Peter Damrow Strap Match
4 Charlie Wilson (c) defeated Kevin McAlmond Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
5 Garrett defeated Triple K Street Fight Match
6 Chandra Denney defeated Amanda Johnson (c) Extreme Makeover Match for the IWE Women's Championship
7 Edge defeated Kris McGowan Steel Cage Match
8 Dustin Simpson (c) defeated Jesse Dern Last Man Standing Match for the IWE Championship