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The 2011 IWE Draft will be the ninth annual draft held by IWE, scheduled to take place on April 25. With a core business of professional wrestling, the corporation holds a draft to exchange personnel assigned to one of its two television programs (Meltdown and Fusion) that are (in terms of storyline) independent brands that represent IWE. The Draft will air live on the USA Network on Meltdown for two hours in Raleigh, North Carolina from the RBC Center. As a standard for previous drafts, most on–air personnel will be eligible to be drafted.


The Brand Extension storyline was initiated in March 2002, in which IWE's Meltdown and Fusion! television programs were made into brands (similar to conferences within a league) to which employees were assigned to;


# Match Stipulation Winner
1 Monday Night Meltdown vs. Friday Night Fusion 20-man Battle royal for 1 draft pick Team Fusion
2 Meltdown: Nicole vs. Fusion: Victoria Lehr Singles Match for 1 draft pick Nicole
3 Meltdown Garrett vs. Jose Serrano Singles Match for 1 draft pick Jose Serrano
4 Fusion: Kevin McAlmond vs. Meltdown: Nick Kessler Singles Match for 2 draft picks Kevin McAlmond
5 Meltdown: Scott Wright vs. Fusion: Daniel Gonzalez Singles Match for 2 draft picks Scott Wright
6 Meltdown: Joe Smith, Justin Eldridge and James Marlen vs. Fusion: Dustin Simpson, Khristian and Steven Larson 6-Man Tag Team Match Team Meltdown


# Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Fusion Dustin Simpson Superstar Meltdown
2 Meltdown Scott Wright Superstar Fusion
3 Fusion Kevin McAlmond Superstar Meltdown
4 Fusion Steven Larson Superstar Meltdown
5 Fusion Sin Kara Superstar Meltdown
6 Meltdown Big Marc Superstar Fusion
7 Meltdown James Marlen Superstar Fusion
8 Meltdown Dustin Simpson Superstar Fusion

Supplemental draft[]

IWE announced that its supplemental draft would take place over IWE.com on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 beginning at 12:00pm Eastern time.

The supplemental draft picks[]

# Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
9 Fusion Kody Brown Superstar Meltdown
10 Meltdown Charlie Wilson Superstar Fusion
11 Fusion Reg Hageman Superstar Meltdown
12 Fusion Clay Bignell Superstar Meltdown
13 Meltdown Katie Barnhart Diva Fusion
14 Meltdown LTG Superstar Fusion
15 Fusion Kassi Austin Diva Meltdown
16 Fusion William Kapphan Superstar Meltdown
17 Fusion Park McKinnon Superstar Meltdown
18 Meltdown Dax Hoovestall Superstar Fusion
19 Fusion Shannon Diva Meltdown
20 Meltdown Chad Coulter Superstar Fusion
21 Meltdown James Superstar Fusion
22 Fusion Brian Bignell Superstar Meltdown
23 Meltdown Jose Serrano Superstar Fusion
24 Fusion Kyle Johnson Superstar Meltdown
25 Fusion Tyson Booth Superstar Meltdown
26 Fusion Ana Salazar Diva Meltdown
27 Meltdown Andrew Wolf Superstar Fusion
28 Fusion Brian Hosmer Superstar Meltdown
29 Meltdown Chandra Denney Diva Fusion
30 Fusion Garrett Superstar Meltdown