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The 2008 International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) Draft Lottery took place at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas on June 23, 2008. The Draft took place live for three hours on IWE's flagship program, Meltdown on US Network. For the second consecutive year, the Draft took place among IWE's three brands: Meltdown, Fusion and XCW. Every IWE employee, diva, announcer, commentator and general manager were eligible to be drafted. Similar to the 2007 IWE Draft, superstars from each brand competed in matches to win a random draft pick for their brand. Draft picks were kayfabe selected at random via a computer that was shown on the Meltdown titantron. Like the previous year, a supplemental draft took place on June 25, where draft selections were randomly conducted. The Draft featured the Meltdown brand randomly drafting XCW Champion Chris LeGreca, from XCW brand. It also featured the XCW brand drafting IWE United States Champion, Matt Hooper, from the Fusion brand. The final selection in the draft was conducted by the Fusion brand, and they drafted IWE Champion, Triple K, from the Meltdown brand. As per pre-Draft stipulations, all the three champions brought their respective titles to the brand to which they were drafted.


Superstar selections[]

Televised draft[]


# Match Stipulation Winner
1 Meltdown: Triple K vs. XCW: Steven Larson Singles Match for 1 draft pick Triple K
2 Fusion: Dan Hooper and Hornswoggle vs. Meltdown: Michael and Justin Black Tag Team Match for 1 draft pick Dan and Hornswoggle
3 Meltdown: Steven Murnion and Mark Semmler vs. XCW Josh Nuss and Quinn Noel Tag Team Match for 1 draft pick Semmler and Murnion
4 XCW: Joe Linderman and Joe Smith vs. Fusion: The Hoopers Tag Team Match for 1 draft pick Linderman and Smith
5 Meltdown: Denise and Sari Pasma vs. Shannon and Courtney Tag Team Match for 1 announcer only draft pick No Winner
6 Meltdown: Dustin Simpson vs. Fusion: Chris Gomez Singles Match for 1 draft pick Dustin Simpson
7 Fusion: Mikhail Schmalzried vs. XCW Tommy Brown Singles Match for 1 draft pick Mikhail Schmalzried
8 Meltdown: John "Bradshaw" Goff vs. XCW Jose Serrano Singles Match for 1 draft pick John Goff
9 Meltdown: Dustin Simpson, Triple K, Jesse, Justin Eldridge and LeGreca vs. Fusion: Big Marc, Gomez, The Great Reg, Mikhail and Josh Hooper vs. XCW: Matt Hooper, Joe Linderman and Joe Smith and Junior Remeriz Tri-branded 15-Man Battle Royal Match for 2 draft pics Chris Gomez

Tri-branded 15-man Battle royal for 2 draft picks SmackDown: E


Pick # Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Meltdown Scott Wright Male wrestler Fusion
2 Fusion! Josh Hooper Male wrestler Meltdown
3 Meltdown Justin Eldridge Male wrestler Fusion
4 XCW Matt Hooper Male wrestler Fusion
5 Fusion Jim Ross Commentator Meltdown
6 Meltdown Michael Cole Commentator Fusion
7 Meltdown Jesse Dern Male wrestler Fusion
8 Fusion Keith Coleman Male wrestler Meltdown
9 Meltdown Chris LeGreca Male wrestler XCW
10 Fusion Mr. Andy Male wrestler Meltdown
11 Fusion Triple K Male wrestler Meltdown

Supplemental draft[]

Pick # Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
12 XCW Steven Larson Male wrestler Fusion
13 Meltdown Jamie Male wrestler Fusion
14 Fusion Dominic Male wrestler Meltdown
15 Fusion Big Daddy K Male wrestler XCW
16 Meltdown Duce Male wreslter Fusion
17 Fusion DH Aldrich Male wrestler Meltdown
18 XCW Hornswoggle Male wrestler Fusion
19 XCW RJ Farrell Male wrestler Meltdown
20 Meltdown Chuckie Male wrestler Fusion
21 Fusion Brian Woods Male wrestler Meltdown
22 Meltdow Matt Striker Male wrestler XCW
23 Fusion Ali Richards Diva Meltdown
24 Fusion Junior Remeriz Male wrestler XCW
25 XCW Dan Hooper Male wrestler Fusion
26 Fusion Michael Ferry Male wreslter Meltdown
27 Meltdown Victoria Lehr Diva XCW
28 Meltdown Jose Serrano Male wreslter XCW