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The 2005 International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) Draft Lottery took place over a three week period in June. There were ten draft picks and an eleven-person trade conducted between the promotion's two brands: Meltdown and Fusion!, where twenty-two superstars were drafted and traded overall. The draft took place on IWE's two hour television programs, Meltdown, which aired on Spike TV, and Fusion!, which aired on OPN. Post-draft trades were announced on IWE's official website, IWE.com. The draft picks were announced each Monday on Meltdown and each Thursday on Fusion! from June 6 to June 30. Each draftee was drafted at random. Every superstar from Meltdown and Fusion! was eligible to be drafted, including divas, announcers, commentators and general managers.



On the April 18, 2005 episode of Meltdown, Mr. Mayer, the IWE Chairman, announced that a Draft Lottery would take place the following month in May. On the May 16, 2005 episode of Meltdown however, Mayer announced that the draft would take place in June over a one month period. Following the announcement, he made note that there were no exceptions from the draft, including the injured and the champions.

Superstar selections[]

Draft lottery[]

Pick # Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Meltdown Dustin Simpson Male wrestler Fusion!
2 Fusion! Kevin Hunter Male wrestler Meltdown
3 Meltdown Matt Borske Male wrestler Fusion!
4 Fusion! Kevin McAlmond Male wrestler Meltdown
5 Meltdown Michael Ferry Male wrestler Fusion!
6 Fusion! Muhammad Hassan and Daivari
(Nicholas Gauthier and Jacob Miller)
Male wrestler Meltdown
7 Meltdown The Big Marc Male wrestler Fusion!
8 Meltdown Kyle Van Johnson Male wrestler Fusion!
9 Fusion! Jared Hunt Male wrestler Meltdown
10 Fusion! Jesse Dern Male wrestler Meltdown

Post-draft trades[]

Pick # Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Meltdown Mark Semmler
Michael Basham

Josh Nuss

Male wrestlers/Divas Fusion

William Kapphan
Michaelle Haite
Silver Grenier
Richard Veach

Male wrestlers/Divas Raw