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The 2004 International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) Draft Lottery took place at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan on March 22, 2004. The draft took place live for two hours on IWE's flagship television program, Meltdown on Spike TV. Post-draft trades were announced on IWE's official website, IWE.com, until midnight on March 22, 2004. There were twelve draft picks, with nineteen superstars overall switching between the promotion's two brands: Meltdown and Fusion!. During the draft lottery, the General Manager of Meltdown, [[Eric Bischoff, and the General Manager of Fusion! Paul Heyman, stood on opposite ends of the stage on the Meltdown set, where they drafted six superstars randomly via two machines. At the conclusion of the draft, the two GMs would then be allowed to trade anyone on the roster until Midnight EST, which was later extended until Tuesday night after Heyman resigned. Every IWE employee was eligible to be drafted, including injured superstars, commentators, champions and general managers.



Superstar Selections[]

Draft Lottery[]

Pick # Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Fusion! Rene Male Wrestler Meltdown
2 Meltdown Junior Remeriz Male Wrestler Fusion!
3 Fusion! Marcus Rowey Male Wrestler Meltdown
4 Meltdown Nikki Diva Fusion!
5 Fusion! Triple K Male Wrestler Meltdown
6 Meltdown Peter Male Wrestler Fusion!
7 Fusion! Rob Van Dam Male Wrestler Meltdown
8 Meltdown Park Male Wrestler Fusion!
9 Fusion! Theodore Long General Manager Meltdown
10 Meltdown Chris Gomez Male Wrestler Fusion!
11 Fusion! Spike Male Wrestler Meltdown
12 Meltdown Paul Heyman General Manager Fusion

Post-Draft Trades[]

Pick # Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 Meltdown Tirple K Male wrestler Fusion!
Fusion! Steve Britz

Scott and Harlan

Male wrestlers Meltdown
2 Meltdown B-Train Male wrestler Fusion!
Fusion! Ricki and Jacki Weis Male wrestlers Meltdown
  • 1 - Triple K was traded back to Meltdown prior to his redebut on the Fusion! brand.
  • 2 - Heyman resigned prior to his first appearance on the Meltdown brand.