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IWE Divas Championship
IWE Divas Championship belt
Katie Barnhart
Date won June 20, 2011
Promotion IWE
Date established July 20, 2008
Other name(s)
  • IWE Unified Divas Championship

The IWE Divas Championship is a professional wrestling championship in IWE. It is competed for by IWE Divas. The championship was created by IWE in 2008, and was introduced in storyline by then-SmackDown General Manager Lynn Lehr as an alternative to Raw's Women's Championship. Amanda Johnson became the inaugural champion on July 20, 2008 when she defeated Shannon at The Great American Bash. After former Divas Champion Riley was drafted to Raw as part of the 2009 IWE Draft, she took the title with her. Amanda Johnson won a match to "unify" both the IWE Divas & Women's titles at the September 19, 2010, IWE pay per view, Night of Champions (2010), thus creating the Unified Divas Championship (However Johnson was not the Women's Champion to begin with). The championship is generally contested in professional wrestling matches, in which participants execute scripted finishes.


With the first IWE Brand Extension, a storyline division in which IWE assigns its employees to a different program, the other being Meltdown, in 2002, the IWE Women's Championship was to be defended on both brands. At some point that year, however, it became exclusive to the Meltdown brand. Thereafter, only Divas on the Meltdown brand were able to compete for the IWE Women's Championship, while the Divas on the Fusion brand were unable to compete for a women's-exclusive championship. However, on a few occasions the regulation was bypassed with Denise, Ashley, Jessica Wilson and Nidia challenging for the title while on the SmackDown! brand, but none were successful.

As a result,IWE created the IWE Divas Championship and introduced it in a storyline on the June 6, 2008 episode of Friday Night Fusion when then SmackDown General Manager Lynn Lehr announced the creation of the title. The championship belt was officially unveiled on the July 4, 2008 episode of Fusion. After winning respective matches to earn the opportunity to wrestle for the new championship, Amanda Johnson defeated Shannon at The Great American Bash to become the inaugural champion. When Riley won the title from Johnson in December 2008, she dislocated her kneecap at a live event later that month. Similar to how Bailey Dalton kept the Women's Championship when she was sidelined with a herniated disc in 2005, Riley was able to keep the Divas Title upon her return in late January 2009. As part of the 2009 Draft, then-Divas Champion Maryse was one of the people drafted to the Meltdown brand, in the process making the championship exclusive to Meltdown. It was announced on the August 30, 2010 episode of Meltdown that the Divas Championship would be unified with the Women's Championship at a match at Night of Champions. And with that, the title (known briefly as the IWE Unified Divas Championship) is now accessible to both IWE brands and the champion can appear on both shows.



Current IWE Divas Champion Crystal Gozelanski (left) next to her twin sister Tierney (right).

The inaugural champion was Amanda Johnson, who defeated Shannon at The Great American Bash on July 20, 2008 in Uniondale, New York.