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Cyber Sunday (2007)

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/9/97/Cyb300x450.jpg/200px-Cyb300x450.jpg Promotional poster featuring Ali Richards

Tagline(s) Log on. Take over.
Theme song(s) "Fast Fuse" by Kasabian
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Date October 28, 2007
Attendance 10,097
Venue Verizon Center
City Washington, D.C.
Pay-per-view chronology
No Mercy (2007) Cyber Sunday (2007) Survivor Series (2007)
Cyber Sunday chronology
Cyber Sunday (2006) Cyber Sunday (2007) Cyber Sunday (2008)

Cyber Sunday (2007) was the fourth annual Cyber Sunday professional wrestling pay-per-veiw (PPV) event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE). It took place on October 28, 2007 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The most important feature of Cyber Sunday is the ability for fans to vote online through IWE.com on certain aspects of every match.



Preliminary Matches[]

Main Event Matches[]


The feud between Kevin McAlmond and Ryan Barnhart continued the following night on Meltdown, when Barnhart demanded a title rematch due to how the match ended. Their rematch was made for the following pay-per-view, Survivor Series. As in added stipulation the title match, Barnhart was banned from using the "Sweet Chin Music" by orders of Meltdown General Manager William Kapphan. In the same stipulation, if Kevin McAlmond caused a disqualification of any sort, he would lose the IWE Championship. Using the special stipulations of the match, Kevin McAlmond pinned Barnhart after an RKO to retain the title. After the pay-per view their feud ended.

The feud between Jesse Dern and Martin McAlmond also continued, with both agreeing to compete in a Hell in a Cell match at Survivor Series on the November 2 edition of Fusion. Near the end of the match at Survivor Series, Martin McAlmond looked to have Jesse Dern defeated, but Kevin Adams Copeland|Edge]] returned and joined the feud by attacking Martin McAlmond and letting Jesse Dern retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

The feud between Triple K and Keith Coleman continued after Cyber Sunday with the two choosing four other men to make a 5-on-5 elimination tag team match at Survivor Series. Matt Hooper, who was chosen to be on Triple K's team suffered an injury caused by Mikhail Schmalzried on the November 16 edition of Fusion, which then made the match at Survivor Series a 4 on 5 elimination tag team match. Triple K's team won the match after Jeff Hooper pinned Keith Coleman last after a Pedigree from Triple K which was then followed by a Swanton Bomb.

Cyber Sunday (2006) Results[]

# Results Stipulations
1 Scott Wright defeated Dan Hooper Stretcher Match
2 Justin Eldridge (c) defeated Joe Smith Singles Match for the XCW Championship
3 Tarry Anderson defeated Josh Hooper Singles Match
4 Mikhail Schmalzried (c) defeated Chris LeGreca by countout Singles Match for the IWE United States Championship
5 Ryan Barnhart defeated Kevin McAlmond (c) by disqualification Singles Match for the IWE Championship
6 Triple K defeated Keith Coleman Street Fight
7 Jesse Dern (c) defeated Martin McAlmond Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, with Steve Johnson as Special Referee

Poll Results[]

Poll Results
Stipulations for Scott Wright versus Dan Hooper
  • Stretcher match (40%)
  • No Disqualification match (36%)
  • Shillelagh on a Pole match (24%)
Opponent for Justin Eldridge
  • Joe Smith (39%)
  • Joe Linderman (33%)
  • Tom Larson (28%)
Opponent for Mikhail Schmalzried
  • Chris LeGreca (67%)
  • Reg Hageman (24%)
  • Steven Larson (9%)
Opponent for Kevin McAlmond
  • Ryan Barnhart (59%)
  • Josh Hooper (31%)
  • Tarry Anderson (10%)
Stipulations for Triple K versus Keith Coleman
  • Street Fight (57%)
  • Steel Cage Match (26%)
  • First Blood Match (17%)
Winner of the Divas Halloween costume contest
  • Sari Pasma (21%)
  • Katie Barnhart (17%)
  • Jessica Wilson (15%)
  • Denise Lynn (12%)
  • Ali (12%)
  • Victoria Lehr (7%)
  • Dixie Hooper (5%)
  • Courtney Savoie (4%)
  • Brooke (4%)
  • Amanda Johnson (3%)
Special guest referee for Jesse Dern versus Martin McAlmond
  • Steve Johnson (79%)
  • Mick Foley (11%)
  • John Goff (10%)