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Meltdown and Fusion[]

After acquiring the remains of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), its main competitor throughout the 1990s, in March 2002, the International Wrestling Entertainment sought a way to split itself into two separate promotions, because of the numbers of talent that it had acquired as part of its purchase. On March 18, 2002, Julia Walsh announced the "brand extension" in which the company would be split into two distinct brands.

In terms of storyline, Ric Flair had become fifty percent owner of the IWE following Survivor Series 2001 after James and Brittany Mayer had sold their stocks to him in order to purchase WCW and Xtreme Championship Wrestling (XCW), respectively. Grant Mayer detested having to share his creation with Ric Flair and looked for a way to dissolve their partnership. After entering a feud with Martin McAlmond, Flair sought a match with him at WrestleMania X8, However, the IWF Board of Directors would only allow the match if Flair were to return one hundred percent control to Mayer. Flair agreed, however, the Board also reserved the right to review the ownership status of the IWF following WrestleMania. Their decision was to split the entire IWF roster into two separate entities, with Grant Mayer in control of the Fusion! brand and Ric Flair in control of the Meltdown brand. A draft was held the following week on Meltdown. Each owner would get a total of thirty picks. The brand extension officially began on April 1, 2002. By having two brands in place, the IWF was able to increase the number of live events held each year from 200 to 350, including tours in several new international markets.

The 2002 Draft[]

Pick # Brand Pick # Superstar/Diva Notes
1 Fusion 1 Sam Simkins
2 Meltdown 1 Martin McAlmond
3 Fusion 2 Matt Borske
4 Meltdown 2 n.W.o (Josh Erickson, Tyler Erickson & Brian Tobol) Mr. Mayer allowed the n.W.o to be drafted as a group.
5 Fusion 3 Kevin Hunter Drafted while recovering from neck surgery. Hunter made his IWE return on the MD brand instead.
6 Meltdown 3 Chris LeGreca
7 Fusion 4 "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan
8 Meltdown 4 KGM When drafted, KGM was the IWE Intercontinental Championship, making the title exclusive to MD.
9 Fusion 5 Billy and Chuck When drafted, Billy and Chuck were the [[World Tag Team Championship (IWE{|Tag Team Champions]], making the title exclusive to Fusion! In addition, Billy and Chuck's manager, Ricki went along with them in the draft.
10 Meltdown 5 Steve Britz
11 Fusion 6 Chris Gomez
12 Meltdown 6 The Big Marc
13 Fusion 7 Keithshi
14 Meltdown 7 Harlan
15 Fusion 8 Scott
16 Meltdown 8 Cameron Dana When drafted, Dana's manager, Paul Heyman, went along with him in the draft
17 Fusion 9 Steven Larson
18 Meltdown 9 WillIam Kapphan When drafted, Kapphan was the Euro Champion, making the title exclusive to Meltdown.
19 Fusion 10 Michael Love When drafted, Michael was the Hardcore Champion, making the title exclusive to Fusion! However, Russ would defeat Michael for the championship prior to the brand separtion bring the title to Meltdown with him.
20 Meltdown 10 Nicole First Diva Drafted, Only Diva selected on television
21 Fusion 11 Billy Kid
22 Meltdown 11 John Goff
23 Fusion 12 Park When drafted, Park was the Cruiserweight Champion, making the title exclusive to Fusion!
24 Meltdown 12 Richard Veach
25 Fusion 13 Kris McGowan
26 Meltdown 13 Matt Hooper
27 Fusion 14 Felisha
28 Meltdown 14 Russ
29 Fusion 15 B-Train
30 Meltdown 15 Josh Hooper
31 Fusion 16 Gregory Beasley
32 Meltdown 16 Mr. Billy McAlmond
33 Fusion 17 Al Know
34 Meltdown 17 Spike
35 Fusion 18 Mike
36 Meltdown 18 D'Low Green
37 Fusion 19 DDB
38 Meltdown 19 Sean McCurry
39 Fusion 20 Jessica Wilson
40 Meltdown 20 Terry
41 Fusion 21 Scotty
42 Meltdown 21 Miss Jacki
43 Fusion 22 Stacey Keibler
44 Meltdown 22 James Thomas
45 Fusion 23 Jared Hunt
46 Meltdown 23 Bailey Dalton
47 Fusion 24 Andrew Sekora
48 Meltdown 24 Justin Creed
49 Fusion 25 Jon Ripsen
50 Meltdown 25 Big Boss Brandon
51 Fusion 26 Tazz
52 Meltdown 26 Tommy Brown
53 Fusion 27 Steven Murnion
54 Meltdown 27 Crash Murnion
55 Fusion 28 Sean Venis
56 Meltdown 28 Might Murnion
57 Fusion 29 Perry Merry



After International Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. bought all of Xtreme Championship Wrestling (XCW)'s assets in 2003, the company began releasing DVDs promoting the original XCW. Soon afterwards, the company promoted two XCW reunion shows for XCW Alumni entitled, XCW One Night Stand in 2005 and in 2006.

On May 26, 2006, IWE announced a launch of a new brand, XCW, a revival of the 1990s promotion.

Superstar selections[]

The 2006 International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) Brand Extension Draft took place from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington on May 29, 2006, where XCW representative, Paul Heyman, drafted two superstars, one from Fusion! and one from Meltdown onto the newly created XCW brand.

Pick # Brand (to) Employee Role Brand (from)
1 XCW Kyle Van Johnson Male wrestler Meltdown
2 XCW Matt Borske Male wrestler Fusion!


In late 2007, Fusion! and XCW superstars began to appear on each others shows as part of a (kayfabe) deal between then-XCW General Manager Armando Estrada and then-Fusion General Manager Lynn Lehr.

In addition to the Talent Exchange between Fusion and XCW, an exchange between Meltdown and XCW was announced in September 2008.

On February 2, 2010, IWE Chairman Grant Mayer announced that XCW would air its final episode on February 16, 2010. The XCW brand was disbanded after the final show, with every XCW wrestler becoming a free agent and eligible to join either the Meltdown or Fusion brands.