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Bragging Rights (2010)

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Theme song(s) "It's Your Last Shot" by Politics and Assassins
Promotion International Wrestling Entertainment
Date October 24, 2010
Attendance 9,000
Venue Target Center
City Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pay-per-view chronology
Hell in a Cell (2010) Bragging Rights (2010) Survivor Series (2010)
Bragging Rights chronology
Bragging Rights (2009) Bragging Rights (2010) TBA

Bragging Rights (2010) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view event produced by International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE), that took place on October 24, 2010 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the second annual Bragging Rights event. Seven matches took place at the event.


Bragging Rights will feature professional wrestling matches involving different wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds, plots, and storylines that will be played out on International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) television programs. Wrestlers will portray villains or heroes as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate into a wrestling match or series of matches.

The main concept of the show features an interpromotional match featuring wrestlers from Meltdown against those of Fusion for Bragging Rights with Team Fusion going for their second Bragging Rights victory since their inaugural win last year. On the October 8th episode of Fusion, The Big Marc was named the Captain of Team Fusion.

The main concept of the show features an interpromotional match featuring wrestlers from Meltdwon against those of Fusion for Bragging Rights with Team Fusion going for their second Bragging Rights victory since their inaugural win last year. On the October 8th episode of SmackDown, The Big Marc was named the Captain of Team SmackDown. On the October 11th episode of Raw, six of the seven members of Team Raw qualified through winning matches, all of which included Joe Linderman, Blake Wheeler, Justin Black, Garrett Joseph, the recently traded Justin Eldridge and the team captain Joe Smith.
SmackDown also held qualification matches adding Scott Wright, Charlie Wilson, James Marlen, Jose Serrano and the recently traded Edge. Hoping to prove himself, Lucas Fradette challenged Big Marc to earn a spt on Team Fusion. He won via time over and earned his spot only to lose it to Jeremiah Lawrence right after and losing his spot to him. On the October 18th episode of Raw, The Miz completed Team Raw by adding the returning Russell Dalton as the 7th member of Team Meltdown.

The main rivalry from Meltdown involves the IWE Champion Kevin McAlmond against Nexus leader Daniel Gonzalez in a match for McAlmond's IWE Championship which includes newly inducted Nexus member Dustin Simpson in Barrett's corner. Last month at IWE Hell in a Cell, Dustin Simpson had lost a match against Daniel Gonzalez, due to interference by Wes Helbusch and Cooper McAlmond, under the stipulation that Simpson would join the Nexus upon losing. While attempting to destroy the Nexus from the inside, the Meltdown General Manager forced Simpson to follow Gonzlaez's orders because of the stipulations of the match or he would fire Simpson. During a Battle Royal to determine the next number one contender to face Kevin McAlmond. Simpson, Gonzalez and the other members of the Nexus worked together to eliminate the other Meltdown Superstars, until only Simpson and Gonzalez were left, Barrett ultimately won when he forced Simpson to eliminate himself, thus making Gonzalez the number one contender. Upon winning, Gonzalez forced Simpson to be in his corner during the match to ensure that Gonzalez wins the match.

The main rivalry from Fusion involves the World Heavyweight Champion Chris LeGreca against his (kayfabe) half-brother Martin McAlmond in a Buried Alive match for the World Heavyweight Championship. At Hell in a Cell, Paul Bearer, who was with Martin McAlmond during the Hell in a Cell match against Chris LeGreca, betrayed Martin Mcalmond giving the victory to Chris LeGreca once again. Two weeks later on Fusion, Paul Bearer issued one more challenge to Martin McAlmond in a Buried Alive match. Later that night, Martin Mcalmond accepted his match and taunted him with Chris LeGreca's own pyrotechnics.


Prior to Bragging Rights coming on the air, fans in attendance were shown a live, untelevised match. Mikhail Schmalzried and Josh Nuss squared off in front of the live audience, in a contest which MVP won via pinfall.

Preliminary Matches[]

The first live match on the card was between Nick Kessler and Kody Brown in an interpromotional singles match. They started off going back and forth, with Brown then gaining the upper hand and hitting Kessler with serious offense. The live crowd were right behind Brown throughout the contest. Kessler started to come back into the match and he exerted some dominance over Brown for a considerable amount of time. Brown began building some offense and started hitting Kessler with all sorts of kicks, much to the delight of the fans. Brown hit a missile dropkick from the top rope and then scored a near fall on Kessler. Nick rolls Brown up and scores a near fall of his own, before following up with another 2 count. Brown counters the ZigZag and then scores a near fall. Both men go to the top rope and Brown gains an advantage by pushing Kessler off balance. Kessler counters a back suplex attempt by Brown and scores yet another near fall. The crowd break into chants of "This Is Awesome". Brown counters a sleeper hold attempt and then both men collide in mid air with both attempting a crossbody at the same time. Kessler and Brown then exchange punches, before Brown nails him with a kick to the head. They then exchange a series of near falls before Kessler gets the 3 count, only to realize Brown got his foot on the bottom rope. The match continues and Kessler locks in a sleeper hold. Brown reaches the ropes and Kessler has to break the hold. Brown locks in the LeBell Lock out of nowhere and Kessler has no choice but to submit.

The second contest of the evening was an impromptu tag team match, with the IWE Tag Team Championship on the line. David Mahrt and Dustin Simpson were revealed by Daniel Gonzalez as the opponents for Mark Semmler and Dax Hoovestall, with the titles up for grabs. Mahrt and Semmler started things off, before Hoovestall was tagged in by Semmler and he began working on Marht. Semmler was tagged back in by Hoovestall, before another quick tag was made. Hoovestall scored a near fall on Marht. Semmler was tagged back in by Hoovestall, before Marht tagged in Simpson for the first time. Semmler began working on Simpson in the corner, before Simpson countered and hit a vertical suplex. Semmler tagged in Hoovestall, who hit a Clothesline on Simpson. Hoovestall was hit with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle after Simpson built up some offense and then Semmler tapped out to the STF. Cena and Otunga are announced as the new Tag Team Champions. Simpson hit Marht with the Attitude Adjustment after the match.

The third match was also impromptu and not advertised prior to the event. Kyle Johnson and James Thomas faced off in a singles match, revolving around Thomas stealing the Million Dollar Championship from Johnson, a few weeks before. Johnson started off on top, before Thomas countered and got himself back into the contest. The match went to the outside briefly. Johnson hits a Dropkick on Thomas and then gets a near fall. After Riley Austin and Aksana start scuffling outside the ring, Thomas is distracted and Johnson hits a DDT for the victory.

The next match was for the [[IWE Divas Championship between Champion Victoria Lehr and challenger Shannon Furlong. The stronger Shannon was in control at the start, but Victoria countered and hit some offense of her own. Amanda Johnson attempted to get involved and Shannon pushed her into the barricade. Victoria attempts to escape and retain the title by countout, but Shannon dragged her back to the ring and Johnson kicks Natalya in the head. Victoria takes advantage and pins Shannon to retain the Championship.

Main Event Matches[]

Bragging Rights (2010) Card[]

# Results Stipulations
Dark Mikhail Schmalzried defeated Josh Nuss Singles Match
1 Kody Brown defeated Nick Kessler (with Lynn Lehr) Bragging Rights Singles Match
2 The Nexus (David Mahrt and Dustin Simpson) defeated Mark Semmler and Dax Hoovestall (c) Tag Team Match for the IWE Tag Team Championship
3 Kyle Johnson (w/ Riley) defeated James Thomas (w/ Lyndsie) Singles Match
4 Victoria Lehr (c) defeated Shannon Furlong Singles Match for the Unified Divas Championship
5 Chris LeGreca (c) defeated Martin McAlmond Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
6 Team Fusion (The Big Marc (captain), Scott Wright, Charlie Wilson, Justin Marlen, Edge, Andrew Wolf and Jose Serrano w/ (Hornswoggle (mascot))) defeated Team Meltdown (Joe Smith (captain), Blake Wheeler, Joe Linderman, Justin Black, Garrett Joseph, Justin Eldridge and Russell Dalton) 14-Man Bragging Rights Elimination Tag Team Match
7 Daniel Gonzalez (w/ Dustin Simpson) def. Kevin McAlmond (c) by disqualfication Singles Match for the IWE Championship

Fusion vs. Meltdown Order of Elimination[]

Elimination Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination Move
1 Justin Black Team Meltdown Jeremiah Lawrence Burning Hammer
2 Jose Serrano Team Fusion Garrett Joseph High Cross
3 Charlie Wilson Team Fusion Joe Linderman Starship Pain
4 Jeremiah Lawrence Team Fusion Garrett Joseph Bicycle Kick
5 Garrett Joseph Team Meltdown Count Out --
6 Big Marc Team Fusion Count Out --
7 Blake Wheeler Team Meltdown Chris Gomez Spear
8 Joe Linderman Team Meltdown Chris Gomez Spear
9 James Marlen Team Fusion Justin Eldridge Backslide
10 Justin Eldridge Team Meltdown Scott Wright 619 followed by Sligshot Splash
11 Russell Dalton Team Meltdown Scott Wright 619 followed by a botched Springboard Splash
12 Joe Smith Team Meltdown Chris Gomez Spear
Winner: Team Fusion (Chris Gomez and Scott Wright)