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The History of TNA: Year One

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Heart & Soul: The Heart Family Anthology (IWE) Best of Saturday Night's Main Event The History of the Intercontinental Championship

The History of TNA: Year One The first ever TNA X Division Champon was crowed a new NWA World Champion was crowned. Feuds between Russell and Jeff Jarrett began, Tag teams waged a war like no other. America's Most Wanted, Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shammy, KJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Senshi / Low Ki and the team known as The New Church all started off in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in Year Number one. But it was guys like, Jeff Jarrett, Russell, KJ Styles and even Ken Shammy who made there careers in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, since the beginning of the company. The company is founded by Jeff Jarrett


The History of TNA: Year One (The Story)[]

June 19, 2002, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling began.