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TNA Genesis (2005) Results[]

# Matches Stipulations
Pre-Show Aaron Schmalzried defeated Damian Laughboura Singles Match
Pre-Show The Diamonds in the Rough (Samual, Eli Eason and David) defeated The Naturals (Alec Bergland and Brad Daly) and Richard Veach Six Man Tag Team Match
1 Russell Dalton defeated Pat Carter Singles Match
2 The 3LK (James Burdick, Blake Wheeler and Jason defeated Team Canada (Martin McAlmond, Nick Kessler and Will Kapphan) Hockey Stick Fight
3 Nick Pollington defeated Josh Hooper Singles Match; #1 Contenders Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship
4 Ryan Barnhart, Dustin Simpson, Brian Tobol and Rod defeated Ryan Gleason, Matt Borske, Jeremiah Garcia and Austin Elimination X Match
5 Marc defeated Jason Dikes No Disqualification Match
6 Kevin McAlmond (c) defeated Jon Williams Singles Match for the TNA X-Division Championship
7 Peter Damrow and Team 3D (Scott Wright and Harlan) defeated Jeff Jarrett and America's Most Wanted (Chris LeGreca and James Alexander) Six Man Tag Team Match