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Fusion before WrestleMania


The first match of the last Fusion before WrestleMania XXVI is a 10-Man Tag Team Match with Team Meltdown versus Team Fusion Money in the Bank Tag Team Match with the Superstars that will compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania XXVI. Team Meltdown (Jose Serrano, Mikhail Schmalzried, Jared Hunt, Justin Hensen and Charlie Wilson) vs. Team Fusion (Chris LeGreca, Matt Hooper, Junior Remeriz, Dax Hoovestall and Nick Kessler) the ending of the match came when Dax Hoovestall make a blind tag with Jared Hunt would not notice the tag and would be hit with a Future Shock DDT from Dax Hoovestall. After the match, however, Dax Hoovestall while everyone was leaving the ring, grabbed a ladder to go up and grab the suitcase a bit early, But the rest of the Money in the Bank Participants came back in knocking Dax Hoovestall off the ladder!

The second match of the last fusion before WrestleMania XXVI was suppose to be Chandra Denney versus Lynn Lehr. But Lynn Lehr changed the match to a Five-on-One Handicap Tag Team Match where she also added Victoria Lehr, Divas Champion Riley, Women's Champion Amanda Johnson and Kassi Austin the match was ended quick when Amanda Johnson hit a kick on Chandra Denney and tagged in Lynn Lehr to get the pin. After the match, However, Lynn wanted to hit a Frog Splash on Chandra Denney but to no wait, the rest of the Divas rushed to the ring to help out Chandra Denney. Chasing everyone out but Lynn Lehr leaving her to Chandra Denney

The main event of Fusion before WrestleMania XXVI was for the Unified Tag Team Champion Big Marc with tag team parnter U.S. Champion and the other half of the Unified Tag Team Champion Joe Smith versus No. 1 Contender to the Unified Tag Team Championship Blake Wheeler who was with his Tag Team Partner Joe Linderman. The match was controlled by the Big Marc all the way but in the ending of the match saw Joe Linderman get into the mix and Disqualify Blake Wheeler of winning the match.

Fusion Card[]

# Matches Stipulations
1 Chris LeGreca, Nick Kessler, Matt Hooper, Junior Remeriz and Dax Hoovestall vs. Jared, Mikhail, Charlie Wilson, Justin Hensen and Jose Serrano 10-Man Tag Team Match
2 Chandra Denney vs. Lynn Lehr, Victoria Lehr, Amanda Johnson, Riley and Kassi Austin 5-on-2 Handicap Match
3 Big Marc defeated Blake Wheeler Singles Match