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Feast or Fired[]

The Feast or Fired match is a pole match featured in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. In the match, all four ringposts have poles attached, and a briefcase hangs from each pole. The match features a large group of participants, who attempt to scale the turnbuckles and grab the cases. Grabbing the case and leaving the ring with both feet touching the floor determines the four winners. Inside the cases are:

Before any of the cases are opened all four winners are given the chance to forfeit their case and avoid being fired but also possibly sacrificing a title shot. This circumstance has once been met by way of a "Feast, Fired or Fifty Grand" match, in which the winning competitor has the option to exchange their case for a $50,000 prize, or for another "Feast or Fired" winner's case. In this match the allocated time period during which you must cash in the title opportunity is not stated, all that has been said is it can be cashed in "Anywhere, Anytime". Also, all but three Feast Or Fired winners has cashed in their briefcase and won their title match, with the exception of Semmler in which he cashed in his feast or fired against Matt Borske during the Main Event Mafia story.

Another, uncommon, variation is to replace the pole with another form of elevation, usually when the "object" in question can't safely be hung in the air for an amount of time.