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(MySpace) IWE Wrestling
Type MySpace
Industry Sports Entertainment, Professional Wrestling
Founded 1999
Founder(s) Mr. McAlmond
Headquarters Helena, MT
Area served Internet
Key people

Mr. McAlmond (Chairman) (1999)
Glennda McAlmond (Chairwomen) (1999-present)

Employees IWE Roster
Wensite IWE Offical Website

(MySpace) International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) - Was a MySpace account to where ever Wednesday and Saturday a show is to take place. Since MySpace's change the IWE Wrestling has found a new home on its new website. As of 2009 the IWE has been running stronger then ever with its Superstars, Divas, Knockouts and even road crew people. as of December 26, 2010, IWE will be getting a third show to be played late night's on Monday Night.

Company History[]

Brian McAlmond International Wrestling Federation (1999)[]

(MySpace) International Wrestling Entertainment (2009-Mid - 2010)[]

(MySpace) International Wrestling Entertainment (2010 - Present)[]

Championships and Accomplishments[]

Current Champions[]

Championship Current champion(s) Date won Event Previous champion(s)
IWE Championship Kevin McAlmond 10/24/2010 Rage In The Cage Vacant
Divas Championship Brenah McAlmond 4/3/2011 WrestleMania Brittany Mayer
United Nation Championship James Burdick 1/30/2011 New Year's Evil Steve Britz
Unified Tag Team Championship The Hooper's
(Matt and Josh)
10/24/2010 Rage in the Cage Vacant
World Heavyweight Championship Martin McAlmond 10/24/2010 Rage in the Cage Vacant
Knockouts Championship Angela McAlmond 10/24/2010 Rage in the Cage Vacant
International Championship Mark Semmler 1/30/2011 Turbo Dustin Simpson
World Tag Team Championship The McAlmond Brothers
(Kevin and Martin)
10/24/2010 Rage in the Cage Vacant
IWE Heavyweight Championship Kooper McAlmond 1/30/2011 New Year's Evil Vacant
Tag Team Championship Jon Rispen and Richard Munoz 6/7/2011 Meltdown Ryan Borske and Tyler Erickson
Television Championship Peter Damrow June 19, 2011 Capital Punishment Mikhail
Women's Championship Amber Martin 5/22/2011 High Limits Vacant

Other Accomplishments[]

Accomplishments Past Winner Date Won
Male's New Year's Rumble Dustin Simpson January 30, 2011
Dynasty Bank on the Money Daniel O'Brien July 17, 2011
Turbo Bank on the Money Ryan Barnhart July 17, 2011
Meltdown Bank on the Money Brandon Martin July 17, 2011
Diva's New Year's Rumble Brenah and Amanda January 30, 2011

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