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Kevin McAlmond
Kevin McAlmond as the IWE Champion
Ring name(s) Kevin McAlmond
Billed height 6 ft.
Billed weight 215 lb
Born October 17, 1987 (age 19)
Helena, Montana
Resides Helena, Montana
Trained by Brian McAlmond
Debut 2009

Kevin McAlmond (born on October 17, 1987) is a wrestling superstar currently signed to International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) wrestling on its Dynasty brand. He is a third generation superstar his father Brian McAlmond and his brother Martin McAlmond all competed in the wrestling industry. Kevin McAlmond is the current IWE Champion and also One half of the World Tag Team Champion

Early Life[]

International Wrestling Entertainment[]

Tag Team Competition (Debut - 2009)[]

Singles Competition & IWE Championship (2009 - Mid-2009)[]

Tag Team Competition and Feud with Matt Borske (2009 - 2010)[]

Feud with The Nexus, IWE and World Tag Team Championship (2011)[]

At the beginning of 2011, Kevin McAlmond is the current IWE Champion and the current Co-Title holder of the World Tag Team Championship. He successfully retained the IWE Championship by teaming with the Divas Champion Brittany Mayer defeating the team of Ryan Barnhart and his girlfriend Brooke Petek to retain both the IWE Championship and the IWE Divas Championship in a Mixed Tag Team Match at New Year's Evil (2011).

On the February 2, 2011 addition of Wednesday Night Dynasty, Kevin McAlmond was in a Tag Team Match as he and his (real life) brother Martin McAlmond defended the World Tag Team Championships against the 2011 Superstar-New Year's Rumble Winner Dustin Simpson and his Tag Team partner and former Unified Tag Team Champion Jesse Dern, Kevin McAlmond and his brother Martin McAlmond was able to get the win when Kevin nailed his new finisher, The Doomsday on Dustin Simpson to retain the Tag Team Championships

At IWE Chamber of Hell inside the Chamber of Hell Match, The IWE Championship was on the line when Kevin McAlmond had to defend the IWE Championship against Five of the top guys on Dynasty where Kevin McAlmond was able to outlast thouse five other men, and Retain the IWE Championship when he finally was able to pin the final participate in the match, the Nexus Leader, Daniel Gonzalez. Now K evin moves on to the biggest stage in International Wrestling Entertainment WrestleMania III where he will battle the New Year's Rumble Winner Dustin Simpson.

At WrestleMania III Kevin McAlmond took on Dustin Simpson for the IWE Championship he sucessfully defended the IWE Championship against Dustin Simpson in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. The night after WrestleMania, Dustin Simpson turned his back on The Nexus when he hit Daniel Gonzalez with a steel chair when he had a match for the IWE Championship.

At No Rules (2011) Kevin McAlmond successfully defended the IWE Championship in a first ever Triple threat Triple cage match when he defeated Jason Downing and Jon Williams to retain the IWE Championship once again.

At the High Limits (2011) pay per view Kevin McAlmond would yet again face Daniel Gonzalez this time in a Ladder match where he would again defeat Daniel Gonzalez to retain the IWE Championship. After the match, The Nexus would attack Kevin McAlmond and brutally beatdown on the IWE Champions body. He went through two tables and got a Championship shot from Daniel.

At Capital Punishment (2011) Kevin McAlmond would face off against Daniel Gonzalez for a fourth time for the IWE Championship, Inside a Triple cage match, This was set to be Daniel Gonzalez's final IWE Championship. On Meltdown Daniel Gonzalez would get another shot at the IWE Championship after losing a 5-Man Battle Royal to gain a shot at the IWE Championship. Daniel Gonzalez would be granted one more match at the IWE Championship. But he would loss the match and his fifth and possibly final chance at the IWE Championship.

D-Generation X, and Aligned with Kirsten Adkisson & Break-up (2011-present)[]

On the July 2, 2011 episode of Turbo, Kevin McAlmond had was forced to face Daniel Gonzalez, Victoria Lehr and Amanda Johnson in a Handicap match. Kirsten Adkisson made her second presents felt during the Handicap match, Which made the second main event for Turbo where Kevin McAlmond tamed with Kirsten Adkisson and faced off and defeated Daniel Gonzalez, Victoria Lehr and Amanda Johnson in a two-on-three handicap match.

Before the House Show #6, Kirsten Adkisson had cut her ties with Kevin McAlmond and attacked Kevin McAlmond backstage. Kevin McAlmond retained the IWE Championship at the House Show #6 Still being the IWE Champion makes Kevin McAlmond, The greatest Champion as the IWE Universe puts it.

Personal Life[]

In Wrestling[]

  • Finishing Moves
    • The Doomsday (F-5)
    • RKO (Jumping Diamond Cutter)
    • Pedigree (Double underhook facebuster)
  • Signature Moves
    • High Knee
    • Crossbody
  • Nicknames
    • The Pain in the Ass
    • The Greatest of All
    • The King of IWE
  • Entrances
    • Drift and Die by Puddle of Mudd (2011)
    • She Fuckin' Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd (with teammates)
    • Tear Me Away by Drowning Pool (2011-present)

Championship and Accomplishments[]

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