FCW Divas Championship[edit | edit source]

FCW Divas Championship
Current champion(s) Allison
Date won June 10, 2010
Promotion Florida Championship Wrestling
Date established June 10, 2010

The FCW Divas Championship is a professional wrestling women's championship owned and copyrighted by the developmental territory of International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE), Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW); it is contested for in their divas division.

Round One Round Two Finals
1 Kelsey Pin
2 Lyndsie
1 Kelsey Pin
3 Vanessa
3 Vanessa Cultz Pin
4 Sonja
1 Kelsey
7 Allison Pin
5 Angey Pin
6 Miranda Downing
5 Angey
7 Allison Pin
7 Allison Pin
8 ???

# Wrestler Reign Date Days Held Location Event Notes
1 Allison 1 June 10, 2010 144+ Tampa, Florida FCW TV Defeated Kelsey Carter in the finals of an 8 Woman Tournament
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