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Elimination Chamber Steel Cage!

The Elimination Chamber Match[]

The Elimination Chamber is a match type in professional wrestling, specifically sean in International Wrestling Entertainment. Debuting at Survivor Series 2002 at Madison Square Garden, It is a cage match along the lines of Hell in a Cell

Elimination Chamber History[]

Survivor Series 2002: In the first Elimination Chamber; "The Heartbreak Kid" Ryan Barnhart won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2002 at Survivor Series last pinned "The Game" Triple K.

SummerSlam 2003: In the second Elimination Chamber Match; "The Game" Triple K retain the World Heavyweight Championship. This was Triple K's first Elimination Chamber win lastly pinning, Lee Carter to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

New Year's Revolution 2005: This was the third Elimination Chamber Match in International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE) History. Triple K won the vacant World Heavyweight Championship inside this Elimination Chamber Match the final two were Triple K and Kevin McAlmond.

New Year's Revolution 2006: This was the fourth Elimination Chamber Match in IWE History. The current IWE Champion was Dustin Simpson and after going through each and every man in the Chamber. Dustin Simpson came out with the IWE Championship still over his shoulder. But before he could classify himself as "Still-IWE Champion" Chris Gomez cashed in his Money in the Bank Briefcase in that he had won back at WrestleMania 21, Chris Gomez won his first IWE Championship at New Year's Revolution 2006.


Symbol Meaning
# The overall match number
Brand The IWE brand which was featured in the match
Stipulation What each match was contested for
Match The officially promoted match with all the participants
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the title changed hands

Elimination Chamber Matches[]

# Brand Winner Stipulation Match Date Event Location
I Meltdown Ryan Barnhart World Heavyweight Championship Kris McGowan vs. Chris LeGreca vs. Steve Britz vs. Ryan Barnhart vs. KGM vs. Triple K (c) November 17, 2002 Survivor Series New York City, NY
II Meltdown Triple K World Heavyweight Championship Kevin McAlmond vs. Josh Erickson vs. Triple K (c) vs. Lee Carter vs. Kris McGowan vs. Ryan Barnhart August 24, 2003 SummerSlam (2003) Phoenix, AZ
III Meltdown Triple K World Heavyweight Championship Chris Gomez vs. Triple K vs. Kevin McAlmond vs. Jesse Dern vs. Kris McGowan vs. Kevin Hunter January 9, 2005 New Year's Revolution (2005) San Juan, Puerto Rico
IV Meltdown Dustin Simpson IWE Championship Chris LeGreca vs. James vs. Michael Ferry vs. Matt Borske vs. Dustin Simpson (c) vs. Ryan Barnhart January 6, 2006 New Year's Revolution (2006) Albany, NT
V XCW Phillip Legg XCW Championship Big Marc (c) vs. Justin Eldridge vs. Andrew Sekora vs. Phillip Legg vs. Steven Murnion vs. KGM December 3, 2006 December to Dismember (2006) Augusta, GA
VI Fusion-XCW Martin McAlmond World Championship Match at WrestleMania XXIV Mikhail Schmalzried vs. Keith vs. Reg Hageman vs. Dan Hooper vs. Martin McAlmond vs. Jesse Dern February 17, 2008 No Way Out (2008) Las Vegas, NV
VII Meltdown Triple K IWE Championship Match at WrestleMania XXIV Triple K vs. Keith Coleman vs. John Goff vs. Josh Hooper vs. Kris McGowan vs.Ryan Barnhart
VIII Fusion Triple K IWE Championship Martin McAlmond vs. Big Marc vs. Jake Wilson vs. Triple K vs. Josh Hooper vs. Chris Gomez (c) February 15, 2009 No Way Out (2009) Seattle, WA
IX Meltdown Chris Gomez World Heavyweight Championship Chris Gomez (c) vs. Alex Knox vs. Chris LeGreca vs. Scott Wright vs. Jake Wilson vs. Kris McGowan
X Meltdown Dustin Simpson IWE Championship Dustin Simpson vs. Kyle Johnson vs. Kevin McAlmond vs. Triple K vs. Jose Serrano vs. Garrett Joseph (c) February 21, 2010 Elimination Chamber (2010) St. Louis, MO
XI Fusion Kris McGowan World Heavyweight Championship Scott Wright vs. Joe Linderman vs.Kris McGowan vs. Martin McAlmond (c) vs. Justin Eldridge vs. B-Truth
XII Meltdown Dustin Simpson IWE Championship at WrestleMania XXVII Dustin Simpson vs. Garrett vs. Justin Eldridge vs. Kevin McAlmond vs. Joe Linderman vs. B-Truth February 20, 2011 Elimination Chamber (2011) Oakland, CA
XIII Fusion Chris Gomez World Heavyweight Championship Chris Gomez (c) vs. Dax Hoovestall vs. Scott Wright vs. Chris LeGreca vs. Daniel Gonzalez vs. Big Marc