Edge and Khristian
Edge (left) and Khristian (right)




High Impact
Suicide Blondes
Revolution X
Hard Impact
Canadian Rockers
Khristian and Edge
Edge and Khristian
Team E&K / Team EK
Los Conquistadores
The Brood


6 ft 5 in (1.96 m) – Edge
6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) – Khristian

Combined weight

216 kg (480 lb)


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Billed from

Toronto, Ontario, Canada




April 15, 2011




Ron Hutchinson

Edge and Khristian (E&K) was a tag team made of real life best friends Edge (Adam Copeland) and Khristian, who wrestled in the International Wrestling Federation and the Canadian independent circuit. They won the IWF Tag Team Championship on seven occasions. Initially, the two were portrayed as on-screen brothers, but the aspect was de-emphasized in the mid-2000s, and in 2010, the team was officially retconned as childhood friends. In 2011 they reunited briefly on the Fusion brand. Edge, however, announced his retirement from professional wrestling due to injury on the April 11th episode of Monday Night Raw, which would ultimately end their final run together. The team's popularity propelled Edge and Khristian to singles success, with both men becoming world champions in their own right.

History[edit | edit source]

Independent circuit (1990)[edit | edit source]

International Wrestling Federation (1998–2001)[edit | edit source]

The Brood (1998)[edit | edit source]

Terri Invitational Tournament (1999)[edit | edit source]

Comedic antics and championship pursuits (2000)[edit | edit source]

Los Conquistadores (2000)[edit | edit source]

Team PEKM (2000–2001)[edit | edit source]

Split and individual success[edit | edit source]

Reunion and Edge's retirement (2009-2011)[edit | edit source]

In wrestling[edit | edit source]

  • Finishing moves
    • Con-chair-to
  • Signature moves
    • Double flapjack
    • Double missile dropkick
    • Double spear
    • Sidewalk slam (Edge / Falling reverse DDT (Khristian]]
    • Stack–superplex
  • Theme music
    • "Blood" by James A. Johnston (The Brood's entrance music)
    • "You Think You Know Me" by James A. Johnston
    • "On the Edge" by James A. Johnston
    • "Blood Brother" by James A. Johnston (Khristian's singles entrance music)
    • "Metalingus" by Alter Bridge (Edge's singles entrance music)
    • "Just Close Your Eyes" by Story of the Year (Khristian's singles entrance music)

Championships and accomplishments[edit | edit source]

  • Insane Championship Wrestling
    • ICW Streetfight Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • New Tokyo Pro Wrestling
    • NTPW Pro Tag Team Championship (1 time)
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