ECWF World War 4 (2011)



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"Invincable" by Alde's Way




January 30, 2011




Long Island, New York

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Extreme X-Mas Wish (2010)

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World War 4 is a efed pay-per-view produced by Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation it is the fourth event World War that Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation has produced in there long list of Pay Per Views.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Pay-per-View(PPV) is called World War 4. A spinoff of the classic WCW's World War 3! Instead of a two person ring 60 man over the top rope elimination. ECWF gets handed a fallen company's 60 Man Royal Rumble and ECWF drops it in half and offers it to other companies as well. Also it will feature major, minor, special rules, divas, and tag team title matches. Also featured storylines matchups.

World War 4 (2011) vs. AHW[edit | edit source]

Results[edit | edit source]

Matches Stipulations
NATAS & Genocide defeated Javier & Vestido and Taylor & Cameron Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the AHW World Tag Team Championships
Dangerous Deanna & Lucy Williams defeated Joey Cranston & Enforcer Global Tag Team Championships
Scotty Paine defeated Click Tables, Ladder, & Chairs Match for the AHW United States Hardcore Championship
Synful Steele Diamond defeated Karolina Graf AHW Divas Championship
Samantha Brooks defeated Amber Indigo Merger of Million Dollar Championship & Knock-Outs Championship
Chris Page won the Wartime Rumble Match Winner gets a chance to headline StarCade for the World Heavyweight Championship
Scotty Paine defeated Jake Orton Last Man Standing Match for AHW World Heavyweight Championship
Adam Cage defeated Demon World Heavyweight Championship
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