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Kevin Hunter

Ring Names

Kevin Hunter
Kevin McAlmond




215 Pounds


October 17


Brooklyn, New York

Billed From


Trained By

Kyle Johnson
John Johnson


January 1, 2009

Kevin McAlmond (Also known as Kevin Hunter); was born October 17. He started in wrestling at the age of 16 and has wrestled all around the world. He is currently wrestling for the company Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation (ECWF) and wrestling and co-owner of International Wrestling Entertainment (IWE).

He has just recently returned to the Extreme Championship Wrestling Entertainment (ECWF) and is set to return at a weekly show known as ECWF Friday Night Revolution where he will return to face Red Dragon. He was able to defeat Red Dragon in his return to Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation.

In IWE he has recently signed a third show that will debut on IWE Television Monday, December 27, 2010. He is better know as the IWE Champion and 1 Half of the World Tag Team Champion along with his brother Martin.

Early Year's[]

(MySpace) International Wrestling Entertainment[]

2009 — Was the first year that International Wrestling Entertainment had started it started around the end of January and the beginning of February where they held more then 3 titles. the Heavyweight Championship, Tag Team Championships and Vixen's Championship. more then 20 Superstars held the Heavyweight Championship including Brian McAlmond, Keith McAlmond, Brandon Martin, Nick Kessler, Dan Hooper and Quinn Noel to name a few. The Tag Team Championships were held by at least 10 Teams, Including Dan and Matt Hooper, Josh Erickson and Grant Boyton, Kevin and Martin McAlmond, Josh and Matt Hooper and Josh and Dan Hooper. The Vixen's Championship was held by Five divas, naming a few Glennda McAlmond, Nikki Phillips and Christine Turner. at August of 2009 then-Owner Brian McAlmond had passed away and the IWE went off air for a while

2010 — Was the second year that International Wrestling Entertainment had been on air. After a four month hiatus. The IWE came back with new ownership in the wife of Brian McAlmond, Glennda. She held many title matches for the likes of the World Heavyweight Championship, IWE Championship, World Tag Team Championship, Unified Tag Team Championship, Divas Championship, Knockouts Championship and at one point a Six-Man Tag Team Championship. After months the Six-Man Tag Team Championship was reliqueished from IWE and never seen again. Now in December of 2010 the IWE has named a third show playing on Monday know as Meltdown. It debuted on Monday, December 27, 2010 where many matches happened and a love triangle was solved. The end of 2010 Champions as such as Kevin McAlmond, Martin McAlmond, The Hooper's, The McAlmond's Brittany Mayer, Angela LeGreca-McAlmond are holding the titles now.

2011 —

Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation[]

Kevin Hunter returned to the Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation at ECWF Friday Night Revolution on January 7, 2011 where he defeated Red Dragon. It has been announced that Kevin Hunter will be getting a chance to face the Hollywood Championship at World Ward 4 where he was also is in the WarTime Rumble for a ECWF World Heavyweight Championship.

Personal Life[]

In Wrestling[]

  • Finishing Moves
    • RKO
    • Pedigree
    • FU
  • Signature Moves
    • High Knee
    • Crossbody
  • Nicknames
    • The Pain in the Ass
    • The Greatest of All
    • The King of IWE
  • Entrances
    • Drift and Die by Puddle of Mudd (by himself)
    • She Fuckin' Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd (with teammates)

Championship and Accomplishments[]