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The Roster of the Wednesday Night Dynasty, The current Roster of the IWE Wednesday Night Dynasty. And if they are the Champions/What roles they play in the International Wrestling Entertainment the former and late, Owner of the IWE Brian McAlmond is also in the list. The IWE Champions are marked..

Male Roster[edit | edit source]

Superstars Stables Apart Of Notes
David Aldrich
James Allred
Tarry Anderson
Steve Britz United Nations Champion
James Burdick
Justin Eldridge
Justin Feight
Colby Hurt
Garrett Joseph
Will Kapphan
Steven Larson
Charlie Lynch
Joe Linderman
Kevin McAlmond IWE Champion and World Tag Team Champion
Sean McCurry
Tanner Morgan
Rick Pembroke
Jonathon Rispen
Crag Sandvig
Aaron Satre
Seth Schultz
Sam Simkins
Tom Stehr
Rob Truax
Richard Veach
Jack Vulk
Kevin Ward
Blake Wheeler
Matt Williams
Jake Wilson
Aaron Zarske
Daniel Gonzalez
Dan Hooper
Josh Hooper Unified Tag Team Champion
Matt Hooper Unified Tag Team Champion

Female Roster[edit | edit source]

Divas Groups Apart Of Notes
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