Dustin Simpson - My Life

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Promotion IWE Wrestling
# of Matches 7
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Dustin Simpson - My Life is a DVD on professional wrestler Dustin Simpson. About his start in the International Wrestling Entertainment. Before his career in the IWE, started when he had a match back in Ohio Valley Wrestling where he faced off against former IWE Champion and World Heavyweight Champion Kevin McAlmond. Both men former OVW Heavyweight Championship. Dustin Simpson's career grew to multi occations of holding the IWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship.

Background[edit | edit source]

Withought a doubt, Dustin Simpson has been one of the hottest superstars in the IWE over the last three years. The three time IWE Champion has main-evented the last two Wrestlemanias, and he's hugely popular with IWE fans, But Dustin Simpson also a pop-culture icon, rleasing a bestselling CD (You Can't See Me) and appearing in movies (The Marine), television shows, and commercials. With Dustin Simpson: My Life, fans get a unique behind-the-scenes look at Simpson and his meteoric rise to the top, complete with candid interviews from family, friends, and IWE rivals including Triple K, Edge, John "Bradshaw" Goff, Ryan Barnhart, Grant Mayer, and more..

The DVD is packed with extras, including seven matches, promos, interviews, a first-time look at Simpson's extensive car collection, and a third disk packed with the best of Simpson's wildly popular 5 Questions iwe.com segments.

Chapters/Matches[edit | edit source]

Dustin Simpson - My Life
Disk One; The Chapters
# Matches Stipulations Winner Date
1 West Newbury
2 Hard Nocks
4 Ruthless Aggresstion
5 Throwbacks & Pumps
6 Free Style Irag
7 Spinner Championship Belt
9 Signature Moves
10 Weight Training
11 You Can't See Me Number One
12 Edge
13 Superstar
14 One Night Stand
15 The Marine
16 Wrestlemania
17 Whats Next?
Dustin Simpson - My Life
Disk Two; The Matches
# Matches Stipulations Winner Date
1 The Prototype vs. Kevin McAlmond Singles match The Prototype OVW + 1/19/02
2 Kris McGowan vs. Dustin Simpson Singles match Dustin Simpson Vengeance (2002) + 7/21/02
3 Keith vs. Dustin Simpson Singles match Dustin Simpson Fusion + 3/27/03
4 Dustin Simpson (c) vs. John "Bradshaw" Goff "I Quit" match for the IWE Championship Dustin Simpson Judgment Day (2005) + 5/22/05
5 Dustin Simpson, Ryan Barnhart and Hulk Hogan vs. Khristian, Kanta and Kris McGowan Six-man tag team match Simpson, Barnhart and Hogan Meltdown + 6/27/05
6 Dustin Simpson (c) vs. Kyle Van Johnson Extreme Rules match for the IWE Championship KVJ One Night Stand + 6/11/06
7 Edge (c) vs. Dustin Simpson TLC match for the IWE Championship Dustin Simpson Unforgiven + 9/17/06
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