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[[File:Placeholder|right|300px]]*'''International Wrestling Federation / International Wrestling Entertainment'''
==In Wrestling==
*'''Finishing Moves'''
**'''As Chris LeGreca'''
***''Tombstone Piledriver'' – adopted from [[Martin McAlmond]]
**'''As Isaac Yankem'''
***''DDS'' (DDT)
**'''As Fake Josh Erickson'''
***''Jacknife'' (Sheer-drop Powerbomb) – adopted from [[Kevin Nash|Josh Erickson]]
*'''Signature Moves'''
**Back Body Drop
**Backbreaker, somtimes into a submission
**Big Boot
**Corner Closesline
**Diving Clothesline
**Falling Powerbomb
**Military Press Drop
**Multiple powerslam variations
**Running Low-Angle Dropkick to a seated opponent, sometimes initiated by a scoop slam
**Tilt-a-Whirl Slam
**Two-Handed Chokelift
**Uppercut, sometimes to the opponent's throat
**"Hot Stuff" Eddie
**Jim Cornette
**Jerry "The King" Lawler
**Jim Ross
**Dutch Mantel
**'''[[Paul Bearer]]'''
**[[Martin McAlmond]]
**'''"The Big Red Monster"'''
**'''"The Devil's Favorite Demon"'''
**'''"The Big Red Machine"'''
*'''Entrance Themes'''
**Sound of drills whirring with classical music in the background (1995–1996; as Isaac Yankem)
**"Josh Blues" by Jim Johnston (1996–1997; as Fake Josh Erickson)
**"Burned[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWF_The_Music,_Vol._3 "] by Jim Johnston (1997–2000)
**"Out of the Fire" by Jim Johnston (2000–2002)
**"Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven (April 2002 – August 2008)
**"'''Man on Fire'''" by Jim Johnston (August 2008–present)
==Championship and Accomplishments==
*'''International Wrestling Federation / International Wrestling Entertainment'''
**XCW Championship (1 times)
**XCW Championship (1 times)
**WCW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Martin McAlmond
**WCW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Martin McAlmond

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