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Chamber of Hell Matches[]

Chamber of Hell - Is a huge monster like Structure that Six Superstars go in to the match, Four men is locked in different pods in each side of the four corners and two start the match off. The Match can not be over until all me but One has been Eliminated from the Match. Most of the time the Chamber of Hell Match is for the IWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. Most rarely is a Chamber of Hell Match for the International Championship nor the United Nations Championship. The debut of the first Chamber of Hell Match happen at Chamber of Hell (2009) where Brian McAlmond retained his IWE Championship and Chris Gomez won the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time in his entire career there has only been two Chamber of Hell Matches. For the IWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship.


# Brand Winner Stipulation Match Date Event Location
I Turbo! Chris Gomez World Championship Dan (c) vs. Chris vs. Martin vs. Kevin vs. Kevin vs. Chris February 15, 2009 Chamber of Hell Montana
II Dynasty Brian McAlmond IWE Championship Brian (c) vs. Kris vs. Nick vs. Ryan vs. Nick vs. Matt February 15, 2009 Chamber of Hell Montana