Bragging Rights Tag Team Match[edit | edit source]

In 2009, Seven of Friday Night Fusion superstars faced off against Seven of Monday Night Meltdown superstars faced off against each other. As it was Team Fusion taking the win over Team Meltdown in 2009. Because of The Big Marc turning on Team Meltdown. Note in 2009 Fusion won the first ever Bragging Rights Tag Team Match.

In 2010, The promo for Bragging Rights has it to be Team Fusion vs. Team Meltdown vs. Team Nexus in a Three Way Tag Team Battle. With The Big Marc leading in Team Fusion, Dustin Simpson leading in Team Meltdown and Daniel Gonzalez will lead in the Team Nexus. On whatelse will happen on the 2010 Bragging Rights Match have yet to be told.

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