IWE Bragging Rights[edit | edit source]

IWE Bragging Rights is a professional wrestling event produced annually by International Wrestling Entertainment, a Connecticut–based promotion, and broadcast live and available only through pay-per-view (PPV). The event was established in 2009, replacing Cyber Sunday in the late October slot of IWE's pay-per-view calendar. The concept of the show was based around a series of interpromotional matches for "bragging rights" between wrestlers from the Meltdown and Fusion brands, with a Bragging Rights trophy awarded to the show that won the most matches out of the series.&nbsp Since its origin, the event has been held only in indoor arenas in the United States. Championship bouts are scheduled on every card, with the lower-tier titles featured on the undercard and the top-tier featured on the main card. Under the Brand Extension, IWE assigns its performers to either Meltdown or Fusion, which cause matches to be set up between wrestlers on the same show.

IWE Bragging Rights took over the Cyber Sunday Pay Per View

Story of Bragging Rights[edit | edit source]

IWE Bragging Rights (2009) saw the first of the first ever Bragging Rights Tag Team Match, Where Seven Friday Night Fusion Superstars took on Seven Monday Night Meltdown where Meltdown Superstar's D-Generation X (Kevin McAlmond and Ryan Barnhart), Charlie Wilson, Big Marc, Mark Semmler, Jose Serrano and Steven Larson faced of against Fusion Superstar's Kris McGowan, Chris LeGreca, Tyson Booth, David Aldrich, Blake Wheeler, Matt Hooper and Dan Hooper in a match where Team Fusion won the match.
Also the 2009 IWE Bragging Rights event saw 3 Fusion Divas take on 3 Meltdown Divas, as Meltdown Diva's Sari, Katie Barnhart and Lauren Ireland took on Fusion Diva's Amanda Johnson, Chandra Denney and Shannon Furlong. The match was won by The Fusion divas but was a hard fought bout between these six divas.
Also, in a Interpromotional Singles Match, United States Champion and Meltdown Superstar Joe Smith went one on one with former tag team partner, Intercontinental Champion and Fusion Superstar Joe Linderman. This match was on by the United States Champion and Meltdown Superstar, Joe Smith.
Also, The then-World Heavyweight Champion "The Deadman" Martin McAlmond defended the World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal Four Way Match where he faced off against, "The Smallest Underdog" Scott Wright, "The World's Largest Athlete" Big Marc and "The Straight Edge Savior" Justin Eldridge. The match was won by Martin McAlmond where he retain the World Heavyweight Championship.
The event was closed with the One Hour, Anything Goes Match for the IWE Championship where then-IWE Champion "The Viper" Kevin McAlmond defend the IWE Championship against long time foe, Dustin Simpson the match was set to take place as the main event of the night and was talked about for weeks to come to the event, The match was won by Dustin Simpson becoming the new IWE Champion in a 6 - 5 scoring. This match had three run ins, Mark Semmler and Kyle Johnson came in on behalf of The Champion, Kevin McAlmond and then came in Jose Serrano to chase out Mark and Kyle.

IWE Bragging Rights Pay Per Views[edit | edit source]

Event Date City Venue Winning brand Main event
Bragging Rights (2009) October 26, 2009 Pittsburgh, Pennsylivania Mellon Arena Fusion Kevin McAlmond (c) vs. Dustin Simpson in a 60 Minute Anything Goes IronMan Match for the IWE Championship
Bragging Rights (2010) October 24, 2010 Los Angeles, California Staples Center Fusion Kevin McAlmond (c) vs. Daniel Gonzalez (with Dustin Simpson) for the IWE Championship
Bragging Rights (2011) October 23, 2011 San Antonio, Texas AT&T Center
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