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Basic elimination matches[]

Most matches involving a larger number of competitors are typically elimination matches. These matches may begin with a normal start, where all of the competitors are in the ring at the same time when the match begins, or may have a staggered start, in which wrestlers enter at timed intervals.

The most common example of an elimination match is the Three-Way Dance, where the first fall eliminates one wrestler, reducing the match to a standard one-fall match. The Three-Way Dance was popularized in Xtreme Championship Wrestling, where it became a regular specialty of the promotion. A Four Corners match is similar, except it involves four wrestlers. Some promotions use a tag format for the match instead of having all of the wrestlers in the ring at the same time. The Fatal Four-Way Elimination match is often used in place of the Four-Way Dance.

Another variation of elimination matches is the Survivor Series match, most commonly held at the IWE pay-per-view event of the same name. A Survivor Series match is similar to a tag-team match, except that whenever a wrestler is pinned, taps out or disqualified, he is eliminated from the match. In a Survivor Series match, the wrestlers are divided into two teams, typically with four or five members on each team, and the winners ("survivors") of the match are the wrestlers still remaining when all members of the other team have been eliminated.