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Acolytes Protection Agency
Jon "Faarooq" Rispen (left) and Bradshaw


Jon "Faarooq" Rispen


Hell' Henchmen
The Acolytes
Acolytes Protection Agency (A.P.A)


6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)

Combined weight

560 lb (250 kg)


October, 1998


March 18, 2004



The Acolytes Protection Agency (APA), was a professional wrestlingtag team that consisted of Bradshaw and Jon "Faarooq" Ripsen. They wrestled for the American promotion, International Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (IWF/E) between October 1998 and March 2004.

Before forming the APA, Faarooq and Bradshaw were known as the Hell's Henchmen and were later a part of Martin McAlmond's Ministry of Darkness as The Acolytes. As The Acolytes they won two World Tag Team Championships in 1999 while feuding with X-Pac and Chris LeGreca, and the Hooper Boyz. After renaming themselves the Acolytes Protection Agency in 2000, they functioned as bodyguards to other wrestlers, and won a third tag team championship in 2001.

In 2002, the duo was split during the brand extension, where Rispen went to Fusion!, as Bradshaw went to Meltdown. As a singles competitor, Bradshaw had an extensive hardcore wrestling career, winning the Hardcore Championship on various occasions. The two reunited as a tag team in Ohio Valley Wrestling and then on Fusion! in 2003. The team again split in 2004 when Rispen was on-screen released by IWE; Goff continued his singles career before retiring in 2009.


Hell's Henchmen (1998)[]

The Acolytes (1999–2000)[]

Acolytes Protection Agency (2000–2002)[]

Initial separation (2002)[]

Return to Fusion! (2003–2004)[]

Sporadic reunion (2007)[]

In wrestling[]

  • Finishing tag team moves
    • Aided powerbomb
  • Signature tag team moves
    • Back suplex / Neckbreaker slam combination]]
    • Double spinebuster
  • John "Bradshaw" Goff's finishing moves
    • Clothesline From Hell (Running lariat)
    • JBL Bomb (Release powerbomb, with theatrics)
  • Jon "Faarooq" Rispen's finishing moves
    • Dominator (Standing or a kneeling inverted front powerslam)
    • Snap scoop powerslam pin
    • Standing thrust spinebuster - innovated
  • Managers
    • The Jackyl
    • Beatrice
    • The Kat
  • Theme music
    • "Protection" by Jim Johnston

Championships and accomplishments[]

  • Memphis Championship Wrestling
    • MCW Southern Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Ohio Valley Wrestling
    • OVW Southern Tag Team Championship (1 time)