AHW History[edit | edit source]

Authentic Hardcore Wrestling (AHW) was founded by Rush Downing. It is usually the developmental federation for Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation. But as of 2012 it became the developmental federation of Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation. But due to inactivity federation is closed down.

Rosters[edit | edit source]

Males[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
Chris Matthews US Hardcore Champion
Dean Tyler
Hunter Andrews
Kaden Vossk
Poetic Death
Ryder Valentine
Samuel McPherson

Divas[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
Courtney Steele Divas Champion
Destiny Hunter
Elsa Hunter
Jasmine Michaels

Managers[edit | edit source]

Name Managing

Tag Teams and Stables[edit | edit source]

Name Members Notes

AHW Staff[edit | edit source]

Owner/CEO[edit | edit source]

Rush Downings

Backstage Interviewers[edit | edit source]

Jen Frost

Stacey Peters

Referees[edit | edit source]

Mark Childs(Senior Referee)

Jason Clark

Johnathan Sparks

Ring Announcer[edit | edit source]

David Small

Broadcast Team[edit | edit source]

Robert Likes

Matt Weiser

Championships/Champions[edit | edit source]

Active / Current Championships[edit | edit source]

AHW Championship - Everett Aloni

King of the Cage Championship - Vacant

Queen of the Cage Championship - Vacant

US Hardcore Championship - Chris Matthews

AHW Tag Team Championship - Vacant & Vacant

Divas Championship - Courtney Steele

No Limits Championship - Vacant

DeActive Championships[edit | edit source]

Traditional Championship

X-Division Championship

Shows/PPV's[edit | edit source]

Shows[edit | edit source]

AHW No Limits

AHW Resurrection

Pay-Per-Views[edit | edit source]

January Brawl For All

Lock Up

Rapture(AHW's WM)

Spring Blast

Mays Bloody Massacare

High Stakes

American Resurrection

King of The Cage

Extreme Blood Bath

Oktober Fest

Last Man Standing


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