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Guerra de Titanes (Spanish for "War of the Titans") is a major annual professional wrestling event in Mexico promoted by the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) promotion. The show is the "End of year" show and is always traditionally held in December. The first show was held in 1997 and since then thirteen events have been held, the more recent ones presented on Pay-Per-View while the early shows were shown as Television specials on the Televisa channel.


The first Guerra de Titaneswas held on December 13, 1997 and was shown on Pay-Per-View (PPV), although later on it would be shown as television specials instead of PPV. Since 1991 Guerra de Titanes has been the "end of the year" show for AAA. All Guerra de Titanes shows have been held in Mexico, with most events (six) being held in Madero, Tamaulipas. The 2004 Guerra de Titanes event holds the record for the largest crowd, with 18,500 spectators. As is tradition with AAA major events the wrestlers compete inside a hexagonal wrestling ring and not the four sided ring the promotion uses for television events and House shows.

As of 2008 Guerra de Titanes has seen eight Luchas de Apuesta matches, with eight people having their hair shaved as a result of losing (El Picudo, Heavy Metal, May Flowers, Polvo de Estrellas, John Miller, Loren Higgins, Scorpio, Jr. and El Brazo) and one wrestler being unmasked (Jim Murrat). Guerra de Titanes has seen three successful title defenses and six title changes over the years. In 2003 the event hosted the "Televisa tag team tournament", the only year it was ever held.

Dates, venues, and main events[]

Event Date City Venue Main Event
Guerra de Titanes (1997) December 13, 1997 Madero, MX Convention Center Heavy Metal and Adam Clinch vs. Picudo and Tracy LoganSteel Cage Match
Guerra de Titanes (1998) December 13, 1998 Chihuahua, MX Aguirre Gym Octagón and Heavy Metal vs. Pentagón and Kick Boxer – Steel Cage Match
Guerra de Titanes (1999) December 10, 1999 Madero, MX Convention Center Octagón vs. Jaque MateLuchas de Apuestas "mask vs. mask" match
Guerra de Titanes (2000) December 8, 2000 Madero, MC Convention Center Héctor Garza and Latin Lover vs. Heavy Metal and Perro Aguayo, Jr."Extreme" Steel Cage Match
Guerra de Titanes (2001) November 23, 2001 Mexico City, MX Plaza de Toros Heavy Metal vs. Perro Aguayo, Jr. vs. Héctor Garza vs. Latin LoverLuchas de Apuestas "loser loses his hair elimination" match
Guerra de Titanes (2002) November 15, 2002 Veracruz, MX El Toreo El Alebrije, Máscara Sagráda, La Parka and Octagón vs. Abismo Negro, Cibernético, the Monsther and Leatherface
Guerra de Titanes (2003) November 30, 2003 Naucalpan, MX El Toreo Televisa Tag Team Tournament final
Guerra de Titanes (2004) December 5, 2004 Naucalpan, MX El Toreo Cibernético and La Parka vs. La Legón Extranjera (Jason and Kishi)
Guerra de Titanes (2005) December 0, 2005 Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso Abismo Negro, Latin Lover and La Parka vs. La Secta Cibernetica (Cibernético, Dark Cuervo and Dark Escoria)
Guerra de Titanes (2006) December 8, 2006 Madero, MX Convention Center Cibernético vs. Muerte Cibernetica"extreme coffin" match
Guerra de Titanes (2007) November 20, 2007 Madero, MX Convention Center El Mesias vs. 'Big' Kevin HuntCibernético vs. El Zorro for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship
Guerra de Titanes (2008) December 6, 2008 Orizaba, MX Plaza de Toros La Concordia