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July 2003


December 11, 2005



The 3Live Kru (3LK) was a professional wrestling stable in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). The 3Live Kru debuted in July 2003, and was initially a trio of wrestlers, consisting of Blake Wheeler, Jason and B.G. James. The gimmick of the 3Live Kru was that each member of the group exemplified a racial caricature of their particular ethnicity. In addition, the Kru would rap as they approached the ring, and each member of the group wore camouflage clothing.

The Southern white James was dubbed "The Trailer Park Gangsta" or "B-Jizzle". The black Killings, already known as "The Truth", was dubbed "The Suntan Superman". The brown Latino Konnan was dubbed "The Magic Stick", his New World Order (nWo) nickname "K-Dogg", or sometimes "K-Dizzle."

In November 2005, they aligned with Kip James, and began referring to themselves as the 4Live Kru (4LK). They have since disbanded.

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